Hummingbird X6 960mm 6 Axis RC Hexacopter Frame kit
Hummingbird X6 960mm 6 Axis RC Hexacopter Frame kitHummingbird X6 960mm 6 Axis RC Hexacopter Frame kit

Hummingbird X6 960mm 6 Axis RC Hexacopter Frame kit

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Hummingbird X6 hexacopter frame kit is specially designed for aerial photography, mapping and other applications. It adopts V type 6 axis design, the main parts are made of high strength carbon fiber material, which decrease the weight of the frame while maintain the frame structure strength. It adopts 5 degree pitch up design of the motor arm, which makes your flight more stable. 
The standard CNC folding assembly arm can be folded down, which can minimize the transportation volume of the whole machine and is convenient for transportation and carrying. You only need to raise the arms, power on the system, and it will be ready for flight, which greatly shortens the preparation time for each flight. 
The upper center board adopts an open design to facilitate the layout and maintenance of electronic equipment, and integrates a large 200A power distribution board and down Move, vacate the center position to place the flight controller, and the maximum take-off weight can reach 9kg with sufficient power.

Diagonal wheelbase: 960mm
Propeller size: 18 inches
Center plate thickness: 2mm
Center plate diamter: 328mm
Arm size: 25mm
Landing skid Height: 360mm
Net Weight: 1642g

Recommended Parts:
Flight controller: DJI N3, DJI A3, PIX, PIXHACK
Motor: ARRIS 5008 brushless motor, Sunnysky 4115
ESC: 40-50A ESC
Propeller: 17-18" Propellers
Battery: 6S 10000mah to 6S 22000mAh Lipo Battery 

Package Included:
Hummingbird X6 960mm 6 Axis Hexacopter Frame kit x 1

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