With the increasing popularity of RC hobbies, we, as RC enthusiasts ourselves, are excited to find out that more and more people want to enter this field. The market is huge and Hobby-wing.com welcome international reseller partners to further extend the RC fun.

We offer you, both existing business owners and those who just want to step into this field, products that are reliably available; and are happy to provide you with any assistance that you may require. The latest products in the market are available in our warehouse even though some might not been listed on this site. OEM service according to your specific requirements is within our business range as well. Please fill up the following form and we will contact you for further detailed discussion.

First name, last name, company name, company address, website, email, phone number



Existing business owners must have an physical store if you are hobby shop retailer or a running website if you are an online retailer. Business or Resale Certificate should be submitted per request if necessary.

After you establish dealership with us, your advertised prices should not be lower than those on Hobby-wing.com (this does not apply to OEM service). Hobby-wing will offer you flexible pricing according to the volume you want.