Micro WLtoys V922 2.4G Flybarless 3D 6CH RC Helicopter

WL V922, a very stable 6 channel RC Helicopter. After flying the V911, if you want to improve your skill, the WL 922 is a good choice. For more information about it, you can check:

UDI U816A 4CH 2.4G 6-axis UFO RC Quadcopter

For more information about it, you can check http://www.hobby-wing.com/udi-u816a.html

Hobby-Wing Arris M1000 Video 1


This is the video of Hobby-Wing Arris M1000 with the DJI Z15 camera mount.

Hobby-Wing Arris M1000 Video 2

Hobby-Wing Arris M1000 carry the GoPro without camera mount. The GoPro was tied on the frame by the battery fastener. And the wind force is about grade 4 when we fly. 

For the electronic equipment in the video, you can check http://www.hobby-wing.com/hobby-wing-arris-m1000-multicopter-combo-.html
More information about the frame, you can check here http://www.hobby-wing.com/hobby-wing-arris-4-6-rotor-multicopter-frame.html

In the video, we use the DJI Wookong M flight controller and the 15inches propellers.We also have the 17 inches carbon fiber propellers which is special for this 335KV crazy motor.

Hobby-Wing Arris M1000 Video 3

In this video, Arris M1000 carry the Sony Nex 5 by a DIY camera mount. 
For more information about the equipment and the frame, you can check:

Combo: http://www.hobby-wing.com/hobby-wing-arris-m1000-multicopter-combo-.html 
Frame: http://www.hobby-wing.com/hobby-wing-arris-4-6-rotor-multicopter-frame.html

The flight controller is DJI Wookong M.

New IDEA-FLY IFLY-4S Quadcopter

New IDEA-FLY IFLY-4S Quadcopter (Foldable Frame)
Compared with IFLY-4, the wheelbase of IFLY-4S is 100mm longer, it is 550mm wheelbase. 
And the flight controller IFLYC4E is improved, this one performs better. 
For more information about it, you can check http://www.hobby-wing.com/idea-fly-4-rotor-quadcopter.html.

Tarot 450PRO V2 3-Axis Flybarless RTF Platinum Version

This is the Tarot 450 Pro V2 3-Axis Flybarless RTF (Platinum Version) hobby-wing.com just produced. 


Hobby-Wing ARRIS M450 Multi-rotor Helicopter W/Devo7 TX RTF

Hobby-Wing ARRIS M450 Multi-rotor with Devo 7 is the new RTF quadcopter Hobby-Wing produced. The equipment in the video are as follows:
1. Hobby-Wing ARRIS M450 Multi-rotor Helicopter W/Devo7 TX RTF(100% Assembled) http://www.hobby-wing.com/arris-multi-rotor-helicopter-devo7.html
2. X-CAM CM140 two axis camera mount(Carbon Edition) http://www.hobby-wing.com/x-cam-cm140-two-axis-camera-mount.html
3. Gopro HD Hero2 Camera

Hobby-Wing ARRIS 450 Quadcopter

The is the latest 450 Quadcopter RTF Hobby-Wing.com just introduced. 
For more information about it, you can check http://www.hobby-wing.com/arris-multi-rotor-helicopter-devo7.html.

Walkera Hoten-x 6-Axis Quadcopter

Hobby-wing.com Test Flight Video(1)

Hobby-wing.com Test Flight Video(2)

For more information of it, you can check here  http://www.hobby-wing.com/walkera-hoten-x-w-devo7.html

WL V929 Beetle Test Flight

The WL V929 comes in 3 colors: orange, blue and the green. One big feature of it is that it could do the flips. 
For more information of it, you can check here http://www.hobby-wing.com/wl-v929-4ch-rtf-ufo.html

Walkera QR Spacewalker Y8

Two words to describe it: stable and powerful. 
And you can change it into 4 motors if you like. It could bring much fun to you. 
More information is here at http://www.hobby-wing.com/qr-spacewalker-w-2402d.html.

Walkera QR Scorpion Y6

It is another mini quadcopter from Walkera after the Walkera ladybird. 
With the latest 6-Aixs gyro control system, it is really stable.
For more information about it, you can check here at http://www.hobby-wing.com/qr-scorpion-w-devo7.html.

Aerial Photography of XAircraft X650 V4 with DJI Wookong

The video was taken in Nanhu Park in Chengdu. 
For more details of the equipment, you can check here at http://www.hobby-wing.com/xa-x650v4-combo-c.html
The flight controller we use is DJI Wookong. 
And using the 11.1V 5850mAh battery,and the 10 inches carbon fiber propellers, the quadcopter could fly about 8 minutes with the MC6500PRO V3 camera mount and GoPro HD2.

IDEA-FLY IFLY-4 Four Rotor Aircraft Test Flight

IDEA-FLY IFLY-4 Four Rotor Aircraft is a quite stable multicopter. And it is easy to assemble, easy to fly. For more details about this item, you can check here 
It is a good multicopter for beginners to do the aerial photography.

Tarot 450 Pro v2 3-Axis Flybarless Test Flight

This is the test flight of the Tarot 450 Pro V2 3-Axis RTF at http://www.hobby-wing.com/tarot-450pro-v2-3-axis-rtf-devo7.html 

If you have the radio and receiver, then you can choose this http://www.hobby-wing.com/tarot-450prov2-super-combo.html

Walkera New V120D02S Test Flight

Compared with the old version, the New Walkera V120D02S comes with the 6 Axis gyro. The new 6 Axis gyro control system ensures the V120D02S more stable flight performance.And another difference is that the New V120D02S receiver can be upgraded online. 
For more information about it, you can check here:



XAircraft X650 V4 with the Autopilot Test


This is our test of XAircraft Autopilot on the XAircraft X650 V4.
We are quite satisfied with the performance of it.