Tarot TL960A Carbon Fiber Hexa-copter Super Combo (Not Assembled)

Tarot TL960A Carbon Fiber Hexa-copter Super Combo (Not Assembled)

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Plugs/Connectors/Wires for Assembling: 

Product Description:

  • Pure carbon main frame is Japan TORAY 3K carbon fiber applied and CNC processed
  • Pure carbon matte CF plate has ultra-high quality and strength
  • Foldable design is allowed to equip with wiring directly; please avoid connecting circuit by plug
  • Main frame has M3 nut self-locking on the carbon fiber plate, the thread structure has self-locking design, which is capable to resist lateral vibration
  • Foldable portion has unique clamping design, which has strong stronger structure
  • The whole set is non-slip while folding. Lightweight dual color motor has been CNC processed, the appearance has strong visual effect
  • High current gilded aggregator included
  • Payload 3.5kg
  • Weight: 1050G
  • Tube diameter: 25MM
  • Distance from motor to motor: 960MM
  • Frame diameter: 1000MM
  • Main plate: 210 x210 x2.0MM
  • Motor installation space: 16MM/19MM/25MM/27MM equilateral triangle installation

Recommend configuration:

  • 4114/320KV Brushless Motor for Multi-copter TL100B08
  • TAROT Carbon Fiber Propeller 15x5.5 DJI CW/CCW TL2812/TL2815
  • 40A ESC for multicopter
  • 6S battery 10000-15000MAH


  • T960 foldable hex-copter frame set x1
  • Titanium coated rasp x1
  • Water sticker x1
  • Colored sticker x1
  • Hook & loop fastening tape x1
  • Instruction manual x1
  • Spare screw x1


Parameter of Tarot 4114 Motor:
Outer diameter: 46mm
Stator diameter: 41mm
Stator thickness: 14mm
Stator number: 24N
Magnet Poles: 22P
Wire diameter: 0.31mm
Motor KV: 320RPM/Volt
22.2V No-load current: 0.5Amps
Resistance: 126mงู
Weight: 148g
Gear shaft diameter:กห4.0 mm
Motor length: 32mm
Motor shaft length: 37mm

ARRIS 5008 335KV Motor Technical Data:
Motor Diameter 57.7mm

Motor Length 27.5mm
Stator Diameter 50mm
Stator Length 8mm
Shaft Diameter 4mm
Weight 185.5g
Batteries 6Cells
Top Mounting Holes 12mm*12mm
Bottom Mounting Holes 25mm*25mm   

Flycolor 40A ESC Specifications:
Input Voltage:2-6S
Con. Current: 40A
Max. Current (10s): 50A
Dimension: 45 x 27 x 10mm 
Suitable for: Quadcopters, Hexacopter and other Drones

Package Includes:
1 X TL960A Hexa-copter Frame
6 X Tarot 4114/320KV Brushless Motor or Tarot 5008/340KV Brushless Motor
6 X Flycolor 40A OPTO 2-6S Brushelss ESC
6 X Tarot 17*55 Carbon Fiber Propellers TL2815 (3 Pairs)

1 X T810/T960 Foldable Tripod TL96013
1 X T810/960 Gimbal Mount Kit TL96014