Tattu 12S1P 44.4V 16000mah 15C Intelligent Battery for UAV Agriculture Drones

Tattu 12S1P 44.4V 16000mah 15C Intelligent Battery for UAV Agriculture Drones

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Tattu swift series intelligent battery is specially designed for UAV agriculture drones. With the 12S 16000mah or 22000mah capacity, it is the great choice for UAV agriculture drones.


Item Brand: Tattu
Item Model: Tattu 12S1P 444.4V 16000mah 15C Smart Battery
Nominal Capacity: 16000mAh @ 0.2C Discharge
Minimum Capacity: 15500mAh @ 0.2C Discharge
Nominal Voltage: 44.4V
Internal Impedance: ≤12mΩ
Dimensions: 90 x 163 x 223.8mm
Weight: about 4800g
Standard Charge: 3.5A CC(constant current)charge to 50.4V,then CV(constant voltage 50.4V)charge till charge current decline to ≤0.05C
Standard Charging time: 7.5 hours(Ref.)
Rapid Charge: Constant Current 25A,Constant Voltage50.4V,0.05C cut-off
Rapid Charging time: 1.0 hours(Ref.)
Standard Discharge: Constant current 3.5A end voltage 38.4V
Maximum discharge current: Constant current 100A end voltage 42.6V

Main Features:

1. Intelligent battery indicator
BMS designed 4 LEDs, which indicate the battery level in 8 levels.It indicates the battery level in standby status, discharge status and charging status.

Battery life indication
When the battery is off, long press the button 5S. The LED shows the current remaining life of the battery.

Charging intelligent alarm
When any cell voltage VCELL is greater than the overcharge alarm voltage and the duration exceeds the delay time, the BMS determines that it is overcharged, and the white status light and the red status light are simultaneously illuminated to issue an alarm when the cell voltage returns to the overcharge recovery voltage. The status is released.

Low pressure or large differential pressure alarm
When the charging or discharging current exceeds the charging/discharging current value and the duration exceeds the delay time, the protection board over-current alarms, and when the recovery time is reached, the state is released.

Intelligent storage function
If the battery is not used for more than 5 days, please discharge the battery to 40~70% of the battery to extend the battery life. If the battery is fully charged, the battery will automatically turn on the smart storage function (discharge from full power to a suitable storage, the battery temperature may increase during the discharge process, which is normal). It is recommended to store the battery in a dedicated battery box. Do not store the battery for a long time after it has been completely discharged, to prevent the battery from entering the over-discharge state, causing the battery to be damaged and will not be used again.

Intelligent sleep function
1 When the battery is turned on for 10 minutes, the BMS enters the system to sleep, reducing self-consumption, and charging or discharging can be activated to normal operation.
2 When any battery voltage will be lower than 3.65V, in order to ensure battery safety, BMS will progress in the second-level energy-saving mode. In this mode, the battery pack can safely stand for 3~4 months. If this event is exceeded, the user must The battery is scrapped or returned to the factory for safety
3 If the battery is seriously insufficient and the idle event is too long, the battery will enter the deep sleep mode. In this mode, the battery needs to be manually turned on and charge immediately.

Storage condition 
1. When voltage is over 46.8V, battery should be stored in the environment humidity ≤75%RH,temperature -20~35℃. Storage time should be less than 7 days.
When voltage is 44.4V~46.8 V, battery could be stored for long term in the environment humidity ≤75%RH, temperature -20~35℃.Need to active the battery once every three month, so as to keep voltage during 44.4V~46.8V; Storage time >7 days, voltage is NOT allowed to be higher than 46.8V.

2 Please activate the battery once every 3 months according to the following method:
Charge at 0.2C to 50.4V, rest 5 min, then discharge with 0.2C to 3.0V/cell,rest 5 min, then charge at 0.2C to 46.8V.

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