Tarot Peeper T10X Burshless Gimbal with HD 10X Optical Zoom Camera TL10A00

Tarot Peeper T10X Burshless Gimbal with HD 10X Optical Zoom Camera TL10A00

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Tarot Peeper T10X Burshless Gimbal with HD 10x optical zoom camera is widely used in public security monitoring, power inspection, searching and rescuing, remote sensing mapping, life exploration and other types of UAV dron missions.With the gimbal suspension hook comes with the gimbal, it is easy to install on all kinds of multi-rotors.


Tarot Peeper T10X gimbal adopts CNC overall spherical integrated structure industrial design to achieve the light weight and strongest stability effect.Built-in 10x optical zoom lens, aperture value: F2.0 uses 1/3" color CMOS4 image sensor, effective pixels reach 4 million effective pixels(2688 x 1520 pixels).


The 10x optical zoom delivers breakthroughs in light and space, giving the vision a new dimension to capture clear, precise large-area search areas anytime, anywhere. Make your work more efficient, easy and safe.

High-precision drive algorithm, integrated precision servo drive module, independent IMU control pan/tilt attitude, attitude control accuracy reach to +-0.02 degrees.

Point angle is 420 degrees, support 3-6S wide voltage input.Micro-SD card slot is overhead to avoid the rain influence.HDMI1.4 HD output port is available.

Item Brand: Tarot
Item Model: Tarot Peeper T10X
Input Voltage: 3s-6s (11V to 26V)
Working Current: 250mA
Pitch Control: -100°to +45°
Attitude control accuracy: +-0.02°
Weight: 365g
Size: 77mm x 105mm x 147mm
Working Temperature: -20℃ to +50℃

Camera Specifications:
Sensor: Effective Pixels: 4M
Lens: 10x optical zoom
Diagonal FOV: 66.6°-7.2°(A1)
HDMI Wire version: 1.4
Output Format: 1080P 60FPS/720P 60FPS/480P 60FPS
Min. Focus Distance: 10mm-300mm
Video Format: MOV
Working: Recording
Exposure Compensation: Auto (shutter priority as default)
Exposure Compensation: +-2.0 (1/3 increments)
Metering mode: Average metering
Electronic shutter speed: Auto
White Balance: Auto/Daylight/Cloudy/Flurescent light/Tungsten lamp
Video Captions: Supported
One Key to 1xImage: Supported
Anti-flicker: 50Hz, 60Hz
PAL/NTSC: Supported
Support SD Cards: Max. Capacity 32GB
Support File Systems: FAT32 (<=32GB)
Assistant Software Supporting Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Package Included:
1 x Tarot Peeper T10X Gimbal
1 x SBUS Decoding module
1 x 5V OUT & SBUS Receiver
1 x Gimbal connection cable with computer
1 x USB module
1 x Camera remote controller

Tarot Peeper T10X Gimbal User Manual and Firmware