Tarot Mini OSD Image Overlay System with GPS TL300L2
Tarot Mini OSD Image Overlay System with GPS TL300L2

Tarot Mini OSD Image Overlay System with GPS TL300L2

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Tarot mini OSD TL300L2 can be applied to various aircraft entertainment, professional sports and other aircraft activities. This mini OSD is mini in size, but the internal program is highly integrated, it can detect the current state of the aircraft,compatible with most of the camera and GPS on the market.

Power: DC6-26V (with reverse protection)
Working Temperature: -15℃~75℃
Net weight:5.8g (OSD only)
Menu Language: Chinese, English
Dimension: 58 x 20 x 5.5mm
Compatible Camera: NTSC/PAL
Storage Environment: -30℃~60℃
Power Consumption: <0.7W (OSD working only)
Sensor: compass, barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer

Specifications of GPS:
Dimension: 22mm x 20mm x 6mm
Weight: 5.3g
Chip: U-blox U8
Receiving Mode: GPS, GLONASS,SBAS
Frequency: GPS L1, GLONASS L1,SBAS L1
Channel: 72 search channel

Main Features:
1. With barometer and gyroscope, it can monitor the flight height, speed, distance, attitude angle, direction and range.
2. It can work seperately without connecting with flight controller.
3. Installation direction can be set according to users'requirements,automatic adjustment of data after setting, it will work.
4. Small in size,great for fpv racing drones.
5. With chronograph function, can accumulate flight time.
6. Monitor the real time battery voltage during the flight.
7. Compatible with most of the GPS (Universal GPS protocol is NEMA0183).
8. Simple set up, clear display interface.
9. home orientation can set by remote control, or it can be set automatically positioning home orientation when power on,or set the home orientation by pressing the button.

Package Included:
OSD image overlay system x 1
GPS module x 1
OSD-GPS connection cable x 1
3M tape x 1
User Manual x 1