Tarot 6008 285KV Brushless Motor TL60P08 for Multi Rotor

Tarot 6008 285KV Brushless Motor TL60P08 for Multi Rotor

Item# GA0135
USD $95.00

Tarot 6008 285kv brushless motor adopts international standard aviation aluminum raw materials, through Japan high-precision CNC machining (precision 0.001mm). The machining adopts German imports tungsten steel tools to ensure processing accuracy. Each finished or semi-finished motors have to undergo a rigorious quality standard testing (0.01mm)to ensure the sonsistency of the motors.
The new design concept for the Tarot 6008 285kv motor is light weight, high strength and good heat dissipation.The rotor has debugged to the best status (0.05g)by high-precison dynamic balancer. Each motor is subjected to dynamic and static tests before delivery to ensure the consistency of the motor.

Main Features: Light weight, High Strength, Better Heat dis, High Efficiency and Large Thrust.
Suitable for: Hexa-copters, Octo-copters, High efficiency long flight time Multi-rotors, Agriculture Drones , suitable for 19 to 24 inches prop

Model: 6008
KV: 285KV
Configuration: 18N24P
Shaft Diameter: 6mm
No-Load Current(A)@10V:1.3
No. of Cells(Lipo):6-12S
Motor Resistance:86mΩ
Max Cons. Current: 29.37A
Max Cons. Power: 636.7W
Dimension: Φ6829.8mm
Weight: 177g
Installation hole:Φ25mm

Package Included:
Tarot 6008 285kv brushless motor x 1
Metal Prop holder x 1
M3 x 6 cup head screw x 2
M3 x 6 screw x 4
PC package x 1