Tarot 600 RC Helicopter Kit MK6A00

Tarot 600 RC Helicopter Kit MK6A00

Item# DC0019
USD $299.00
Save $50.00 (14.3%)
Tarot just released two helicopters: Tarot 550 and Tarot 600 helicopter. With the new design, it will bring you fantasitic flying experience.

Item Brand: Tarot
Length: 1168mm
Height: 325mm
Main Blade Length: 600-620mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 1350mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 258mm
Motor Drive Gear: 12T
Main Drive Gear: 106T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 42T
Tail Drive Gear: 9T
Drive Gear Ratio: 8.83:1:4.66
Frame Kit Weight: About 1650g

Frame Kit Package Included:
Tarot 600 frame kit MK6A00 x 1

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