Tarot 200A 12S Pixhawk Hall Current Voltmeter TL3401

Tarot 200A 12S Pixhawk Hall Current Voltmeter TL3401

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ZH1.25 interface(NA0325-01)GHS1.25 locking interface(NA0325-02)Hex interface(NA0325-03)(+$1)
Product Descriptions:
This Hall current and voltage meter is designed with separate main module and Hall sensor
Main module provides UBEC 5.3V power supply and high precision resistor 1/15.7 voltage divider output to detect input supply voltage function
The sensor is responsible for non-contact sensing of the current in the circuit to be measured.
Hall sensor with built-in digital processing circuit and built-in reference
And the use of segmented linear correction algorithm, static monitoring algorithm, temperature detection compensation algorithm, PID group loop tracking output algorithm and other technologies, stable output fixed ratio of analog voltage signal
The biggest advantage of Hall current meters over traditional series-in current meters is that they greatly improve the safety of the equipment
The series-in current meter requires the circuit to be tested to be disconnected from the circuit and a high precision high power voltage divider resistor to be tested in series.
This method will add at least 2 or more solder joints to the current circuit, and the contact resistance of the solder joints will heat up and the dissipation of the detection resistance will heat up.
In the current circuit often tens of amperes, are a huge safety hazard, the use of Hall sensors can effectively eliminate this hidden danger

UBEC main module: 
Input voltage:2-12S Lipo (MAX60V) 
Output voltage:5.3V/3A 
Voltage division detection:15.7 

Hall sensor: 
Input voltage:5V(±0.3) 
Detection ratio:60.61A/V 
Detection reference:0.825V/50A 
Threading aperture:10mm
Installation hole distance:17mm

Note:Although the maximum input voltage of the main module can reach 60V,but the detection voltage in the 3.3V ADC system master can only be about 51.8V,that is,the voltage of the 12S lithium battery;Hall sensor using 5V regulated power supply,or affect the detection accuracy.

Package Includes:
UBEC main module ×1
Hall sensor ×1
UBEC-Hall sensor connection cable ×1
UBEC-Pixhawk flight control connection cable(ZH1.25 interface/GHS1.25 locking interface/Hex interface)/three options ×1