Universal HDMI to AV Conversion Module

Universal HDMI to AV Conversion Module

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Note: Most FPV transmission system has 12V output. For those transmitter/receiver with 12V output, please cut off the red wire.

This newly designed universal HDMI to AV converter card is compatible with most cameras with HDMI output, it Only supports cameras with function that could be set to auto mode in HDMI resolution setup. Perfectly compatible with Nex 5N 5T 5R 5C 7N cameras.

This Combo Includes:
1 x HDMI to AV Convertor Card
1 x Super-Soft HDMI to Mini Converter Cable
1 x AV Signal Transmission Cable

Please Note:
Customers need to set the camera`s HDMI resolution to auto mode. A small part of camera might not be supported because of its none auto resolution function. After modifying the camera`s resolutoin, you have to cut off all cables and off and on again to have the new settings to take effect. The camera setting system PAL and NTSC has nothing to do with HDMI converter card, only resolution could effect the output. The output video resolution is 720 x 576 PAL system.