Radiolink Pixhawk Flight Controller with M8N GPS SE100 Combo

Radiolink Pixhawk Flight Controller with M8N GPS SE100 Combo

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Radiolink Pixhawk Flight Controller with M8N GPS SE100 Combo

The Pixhawk fliht controler released by Radiolink comes with less interference of inner components, unique automation software testing system. Optimize the PCB layout, improve the Baro and Altitude Hold. For the GPS module, it has 50 centimeters position accuracy,positionning 20 satellites in 6 seconds at open ground.

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Package Included:
1 x Radiolink Pixhawk Flight Controller
1 x M8N GPS (SE100)
1 x GPS holder
1 x Power Module
1 x Safety swich
1 x Three wire servo cable
1 x Buzzer
1 x Micro-SD card (4G)
1 x Mounting foam

Why should you choose Radiolink Pixhawk flight controller?

Brand Ensurance
13 years of RC experience, Radiolink Electronic Co.,Ltd, was founded on September 15th,2003, and registered trademark in China,European Union and the USA. In 2013, ten channels transmitter AT10 with full functions and full model types was launched, Radiolink succeeded in finishing the strategy transformation from full sets of electronic design solutions provider to professional RC remote control system designer and manufacturer.

R&D Capacity
For this Pixhawk flight controller, it takes about one year and seven months to repeatedly testing and learning all the functions such as basic use, PID parameter regulation, review a log of helicopter, fixed wing, multicopter, car and boat. Redesigned the circuit after totally understand the circuit design and program code of PIXHAWK, achieved less interference of inner components, less noise,more accurate compass and safety while flying.

Quality Ensurance
Radiolink takes about six months to develop the Automation Software Testing System ensure the quality of ever function of every PIXHAWK. As the unique manufactory that owns PIXHAWK Automation Software Testing System(ASTS), the rest efficiency and quality are much better than manual test.

Production Ensurance
Complete automatic, anti-static form SMT to welding achieved less interference of inner components. All the chips such as processor, sensors and others are import with whole package by primary agency. Dust-free environmental protection workshop ensure the PIXHAWL are durable.

Comprehensive Technical Support
All-round technical support such as installation, application and calibration from ESC, motor to PIXHAWK, transmitter. Radiolink devoted to development, production of RC drone peripheral products, DSSS and FHSS working synchronously,SBUS,PPM and PWM signal working at the same time transmitter AT9S.Flight controller PIXHAWK,M8N GPS SE100.OSD information feedback telemetry module PRM-02. Almost all the parts of RC drone you need we can offer.