Tarot 600 Metal Tail Boom Mount MK6070

Tarot 600 Metal Tail Boom Mount MK6070

Item# MK6070
USD $12.99
The tail boom mount is made of 6061T6 aluminum alloy and fully CNC, which is suitable for Tarot600 helicopter. The T-type reinforced structure can effectively lock the Φ25MM tail pipe to meet the demanding flight load requirements and effectively improve flight stability. Upgrade the tail anti-twist component to effectively improve the concentricity of the tail shaft bearing.

Product specifications:
tail boom mount x 2 (39 x 34.0 x 16MM) 7.4G
M3x36mm cup head bushing screw 1.1G x4
M3 locknut x 4
Metal tail drop anti-torsion piece x 1 (31 x 7.5MM) 2.1G
M3x6MM semi-circular head screw x 2

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