Tail Rotor Holder Green MK6055C

Tail Rotor Holder Green MK6055C

Item# MK6055C
USD $8.58
This tail rotor holder is suitable for Tarot 550/600 rc helicopters. The newly designed thrust centrifugal balance structure clamp is truly balanced. The stepped three-bearing design lengthens the radial distance of the bearing on the shaft. All the bearings are mounted on the tail coupling, no longer rely on screws to prevent the probability of injection. Solved the shortcomings of the original design.
A standard is created to ensure the symmetry of the part. The overall streamlined design, multiple squat design, effectively increase the structural strength without increasing the weight.

Product specifications:
Tail rotor holder x 2 (31 x 22 x 13.5mm) 2.5G
Tail rotor horizontal shaft x1 (Φ10 x Φ2.5 x 41mm) 7G
Plane bearing x 4 (Φ5 x Φ8 x 3mm)
Horizontal shaft washer x 2 (Φ6 x Φ8 x 0.6mm)
Thrust bearing x 2 (Φ4 x Φ8 x 3.5mm)
Flat head hexagon socket screw x 2 (M3 x 8mm)
M3 stop screw x 1 (M3x3mm)
Eight-character ring x 2 (16.5 x 7.5 x 3mm)

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