Tarot 550/600 Tail Torque Tube Unit Red MK6025-03

Tarot 550/600 Tail Torque Tube Unit Red MK6025-03

Item# MK6025-03
USD $39.99

It is made of 6061T6 aluminum alloy and fully CNC machined for 550/600 models. The advantages of the integrated metal Tail Torque Tube Unit are that the structure is firm and the tail shaft bearing position is high in concentricity, which can effectively reduce the tail vibration. It also comes with double bearing anti-slip design, with anti-static function.

Product specifications:
Metal tail Torque Tube x 1 (77.5 x 33 x 35.5mm) 34G
Metal tail gear / 9T 7G x 1
Belt anti-skid wheel x1(Φ11xΦ2.5x22mm) 2.7G
Tail L-arm fixed connection seat x 1 (14.5 x 11 x 4.5mm) 0.8G
Tail spindle x 1 (Φ5 x 75mm) 11G
M3x6mm semi-circular head screw 0.4G x5
M3x25mm semi-circular head screw 1.2G x2
M2.5x5mm cup head screw 0.3G x1

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