Tarot 550/600 Metal Motor Mount Set MK6020

Tarot 550/600 Metal Motor Mount Set MK6020

Item# MK6020
USD $19.99
It adopts 6061T6 aluminum alloy full CNC integrated molding processing, suitable for 550/600 rc helicopter model. And the design of double bearing seat reduces the shock effect caused by the eccentricity of the motor shaft. The one-piece motor mount is very convenient, adjust the distance between the motor teeth and the large toothed disc, and has an anti-static wire mounting hole.

Product parameters:
Motor mounting hole distance: 25MM/30MM
Motor mounting hole: 3MM (if you need 4MM, you need to ream yourself)

Package Included:
Motor mounts x 1 (40 x 33 x 9mm) 17G
Motor lower mount x 1 (40 x 16 x 5mm) 6.2G
High speed bearing x 2 (Φ8 x Φ14 x 4mm)
Connected aluminum column x 2 (Φ4.5 x 38.5mm) 1.1G
Mounting tab on the upper side x 2 (33 x 6 x 4mm) 1.5G
Fixing piece on the lower side x2 (17x6x2.5mm) 0.4G
M2.5x8mm cup head hex head screw 0.5G x6
M2.5x6mm cup head step screw 0.3G x2
M2.5x6mm cup head screw 0.3G x2
Graphite gasket x 4 (Φ4.3 x Φ5.5 x 0.2mm)

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