Mini HDMI to AV Cable(for FPV)

Mini HDMI to AV Cable(for FPV)

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HDMI to AV converter, suitable for SONY NEX Series Cameras

Most graphic transmission systems could only receive AV signal, while the video output port of cameras are mostly HDMI interface. With this HM2AV device, the HDMI can be convertered to AV sigal, so that the graphic transmission receiver can work correctly.

Main Features:
Power supply from cameras HDMI interface, no need independant power supply
Adopts super soft HDMI cable w/electronmagnetic shielding, better for gimbal
Adopts ultrathin Mini HDMI plug
Plug and play with graphic transmitters
Only for SONY NEX ILDC cameras.

Please Note:
1. The display only supports PAL_N and PAL_I system. NTSC system will cause flash screen.
2. This converter only supports cameras with function that could be set to auto mode in HDMI resolution setup.
3. When use this module, the HDMI output mode of the camera must be set to AUTO mode, or there might be mistake occurred.
4. This device is only suitable for SONY NEX series cameras, it might cause damage using on other cameras.
5. Please set HDMI output to 1080i model, or it could not work correctly.
6. Power supply from HDMI ports of cameras, no need to have other batteries.