ARRIS M700 Carbon Fiber Foldable Hexacopter Super Combo

ARRIS M700 Carbon Fiber Foldable Hexacopter Super Combo

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Note: The landing skid is not retractable landing skid, it is fixed landing skid.

ARRIS M700 Super combo consist of the latest hexacopter frame ARRIS M700 Frame with retrractable landing skid, ARRIS 4010PRO 380KV high effiency brushless motor, ARRIS 30A Simonk ESC and APC 1347 propellers.

ARRIS M700 is the key products released by ARRIS for 2016. ARRIS spend more than one year on it from design to volume production. During this time, the ARRIS M700 is under many times of design modification; and technicians test it over and over again. ARRIS aims at producing a perfect hexacopter frame on structure, technology, quality and function.


One of the main features of the ARRIS M700 is easy to fold. You just need two steps to fold one arm, leave out the complicated folding process. The following pictures and video can show you how easy to fold it.

With such easy folding method, will you worry about its gaps and the strength?

First, please pay attention to the joint of the folding parts, ARRIS M700 use the high quality bearings, the rotation axis could rotate smoothly, and there is no gap appears during this process.

Second, the spanner cooperates with the aluminum column very well. In the meantime, there are stop blocks at the two sides of the folding parts. When it fold in place, it could hold it well, no gap appearance. After a long time usage, there might be some abrasion on the metal base and aluminum, which is normal. But it is easy to change them, and ARRIS will send some replacement parts in the package. So sweet!

Third, the two sides of the folding parts is made of aluminum alloy material, the motor arm pipe clamp is nylon material, not normal plastic to ensure the strength of the structure.

The second main feature of the ARRIS M700 is the center parts design.
1. The center plate adopts the big size design, not only make the frame nice looking, but also provide enough spaces for all kinds of electronic equipments.
2. Damping design to the flight controller board. This design was proved extremely effective during our long-term use. The vibration has influence on the normal working flight controller; it always results in unstable flight.
3. Customized integrated PCB board. With it, it is more convenient to assemble the electronic parts. In the meanwhile, it makes the wiring tidy and professional.

4. The upper plate adopts two layer designing. This is mainly for easy assembling and later stage maintenance.

5. The battery is installed underneath. This could lower the gravity center of the ARRIS M700 and make it fly more stable.
6. ARRIS M700 hexacopter comes with detachable gimbal mounting parts. It adopts push-down damping and supports all kinds of gimbal mounting. It is compatible with ARRIS series gimbal perfectly, such as ARRIS Zhao Yun and ARRIS CM3000 Pro. It can also support DJI, Tarot and most of the GoPro gimbals in the market. If you have some special gimbals, just need some easy modification, then the gimbal could mount on it.

The third main feature of the ARRIS M700 is 5 degree pitch up design of the motor arm. This mainstream design put into use on the ARRIS M700 aims at presenting more stable flight for customers.

The fourth feature of the ARRIS M700 is the electric retractable landing gear. ARRIS M700 adopts self-developed ARRIS retractable landing gear; it will provide much convenience during the FPV. Considering the practicability and the cost, you can choose our ordinary landing skid version.

The fifth main feature of the ARRIS M700 is the protection shell to the motor and ESC. It can not only make the frame nice looking, but also protect the motor and ESC under some special cases. The different black and red color of the protection shell design makes it easy for you to identify the head of the frame.

The diagonal wheelbase of the ARRIS M700 is 710mm, it can support the 13 inches propeller at largest. We suggest the 35-41 class motor for it. Of course, we consider some customers may be in a need of a bigger diagonal wheelbase hexacopter, we will provide longer arms for choice soon.


ARRIS 4010 Pro 380KV High Efficiency Brushless Motor

ARRIS 4010PRO Brushless Motor is newly released in 2015 by ARRIS on the basis of old ARRIS 4010. It performs far more better than the old one and could offer stronger thrust.

Configu ration:24N22P
Stator Diameter:40mm
Stator Length:10mm
Shaft Diameter:4mm
Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len): 45.3x24mm
Weight (g):82.5g
ldle current(10)@10v(A):0.4A
No.of Cells(Lipo):4-8S

ARRIS Simonk 30A 2-6S OPTO Brushless ESC

Weight: 25g
Size: 55 * 19 * 10mm
Continuous Current: 30A
Burst current: 45A
The applicable number of battery cells :2-6S

APC 1347 propeller

The American APC propeller is composed of composite material, famous for its high strength, high efficiency and wide varieties. The lightweight molded nylon construction reduces rotating mass for higher output and longer life. This RC aircraft propeller is designed only for use with electric motors. Do not attempt to use this propeller with glo or gas powered engines.

Many customer may ask Why do not use the carbon fiber propellers on it. During our test, we used the 1340 carbon fiber propeller, 1365 carbon fiber propeller and APC 1347 propeller on the ARRIS M700. And the performance with the APC 1347 propeller is the best, it is most stable.

Package Include:

1. ARRIS M700 Hexacopter Frame with retractable landing skid (not assembled) x 1
2. ARRIS 4010Pro 380KV Brushless Motor x 6
3. ARRIS simonk 30A ESC x 6
4. APC 1347 propeller x 6 (3 pairs)

Thanks Dale for the video.