JiZhao 1000W 20A 12S 13S 14S LiPo Industry Drone Smart Balance Charger

JiZhao 1000W 20A 12S 13S 14S LiPo Industry Drone Smart Balance Charger

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JiZhao single-channel smart charger is a specially designed for for fast charging of 12S 13S 14S lithium batteries. JiZhao 12-14s charger adopts an independent power supply design, and the internal circuit is highly intelligent, integrated and modular. Adopt high-precision data monitoring, optimal charging algorithm, and best adaptive balance control algorithm to achieve an efficient and safe charging process and delay battery aging. This charger is one-button operation, no setup required, convenient and concise, the whole charging interface is clear and intuitive, the charging status is displayed digitally, and the charger and battery status are intuitively understood. This charger is the best configuration for agriculture spraying drones and other high capacity UAV drones.

Main Features:
■ High-Precision Balance Control Algorithm
■ Intelligent Fast Charging
■ LCD Screen Shows Charging Status
■ Output Reverse Connection Protection
■ Wireless Equalization Technology

1. Input Voltage: AC 180V-220V;
2. Maximum Charging Power: 1000W;
3. Charging Current: 20A
3. Display mode: LCD display;
4. Support battery: 12S, 13S, 14S;
5. Charger working environment temperature: 0-40 ℃;
6. Size: 322x188x166mm
7. Weight: About 4kg

1. Before connecting the 220V power supply, make sure that the switch is set to the OFF position at "0". At this time, the charger does not work.
2. After connecting the 220V power supply, the switch is placed in the external power supply position "1". The LCD screen displays the main interface.The fan stops after rotating, and the charger enters the standby state at this time, waiting for the battery to connect.
3. Connect the battery adapter to the charger output port. After the battery is turned on, the charger will automatically turn on charging, at this time enters the charging state, and the LCD screen displays the current battery capacity, voltage, and charging power flow and battery temperature, the fan rotates at the same time, when the charge percentage is 100%, charging is complete.
4. During the normal charging process, the main interface will automatically switch to the secondary interface after 10 seconds, and automatically after 5 seconds switch back to the main interface (the main interface displays for 10 seconds, the secondary interface displays for 5 seconds, and alternate display).
5. During charging, press the button below the display to stop charging; if an abnormality occurs, press the button, the exception can be resolved.

For maximum use safety, please observe the following, otherwise the charger and battery
May be damaged or even cause a fire
1. This charger matches 12S, 13S, 14S lithium batteries. Please choose the correct battery
Perform the charging operation.
2. When the charger is connected to the power supply and works, if any abnormality is found, the operation will be stopped immediately.
And consult the operating instructions.
3. Make sure the charger is kept away from dust, humidity, rain, high temperature and vibration.
Environment, please handle it carefully to avoid falling.
4. The battery and charger must be placed on a non-flammable, insulated surface.
5. Please strictly follow the instructions for use.

Package Included:
JiZhao 1000W 20A 12S 13S 14S LiPo Industry Drone Smart Balance Charger x 1
Charging Hub for Jizhao Charger x 1 (optional)

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