INSIGHT 1080P 5G 100mW/200mW HD Digital FPV Wireless Video Transmitter Receiver Combo

INSIGHT 1080P 5G 100mW/200mW HD Digital FPV Wireless Video Transmitter Receiver Combo

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Main Features:
- 5G Full HD digital transmission
- Video input support up to 1920x1080@60fps, Video output support up to 1920x1080@60fps
- Use of 5G radio technology. TX power 100mw (CE certification and FCC certification) ;
- Ground control with 5db standard omni-directional antenna, transmission distance over 2km
- Ground control with the 14db custom directional antenna,transmission distance over 4km

•Input and Output
- HDMI Input
- 5G WI-FI FHD Output:Android devices can be used as a monitor after connected the APP.

• Interference resistance
- Downlink MIMO multiple antenna technology with OFDM modulation and advanced algorithms to improve stability of data bandwidth in complex environments and improved overal dynamic performance.
- Near real-time downlink signal system dynamical y selects the optimum channel (out of 24 channels)for transmission.
- supporting up to 24 devices working at the same time;

•Low latency
-System maximum time delay 80ms;

•OSD function
-Built in OSD function, you can achieve the information superposition function with the APM, PIX, PIXA without the use of an external OSD.

•Flight control system
-Without any restrictions for APM, PIX, PIXA or others. Insight itself has built-in data transmission

• Multi-mode and information security
- Ground side can link over two devices.
- The encrypted video transmission can only be received by the authorized ground module.

•Battery and charge
- The ground module has a built-in 1300mAh large capacity battery; the device can work continuously for 2 hours, and can be charged by a power bank.
- Air system: input voltage 5-18V (Optional voltage input is 7-28V)

Product specification
Video input: HDMI
Support format (HDMI) :720P 50fps; 720P 60fps; 1080I 50fps; 1080I 60fps; 1080P 25fps; 1080P
30fps; 1080P 50fps; 1080P 60fps
RF parameters:5GHz,FCC certification
Interface (Ground system) :LED;power switch;charge input;USB 2.0
Interface (Air system) :LED;HDMI input;PWM output;TTL transmission;
Material:Aluminum al oy
Power (Ground system) :DC 5v;Built-in battery;Watts:6W
Power (Air system) :DC 5~18V;Watts:8W
Size (Ground system) :69x49x16(mm)
Size (Air system) :67x37x20(mm)
Weight (Ground system) :100g
Weight (Air system) :70g
Transmission distance (outdoor) : with the 5db omni-directional standard antenna, transmission distance over 1 km, with the 14db custom directional antenna, transmission distance over 4km
Output delay:80ms/0.08s
Band frequency:5.1GHz - 5.8GHz
Modulation mode:MIMO - OFDM
Video input:Micro HDMI
Compatible input video format:HDMI al format, up to 1920x1080P@60fps
Output format:640x480p@50/60fps, 1280x720p@50/60fps, 1920x1080p@50/60fps
Compression:HEVC High definition television broadcasting
Channels:24 channels (Automatic frequency hopping, anti-jamming)
Supported devices:Phone,Tablet,PC
Supported system:Android, Windows
Data interface:UART data transmission interface
PWM control interface:4 PWM control output, you can control the gimbals and other external devices.
Communication encryption:256bit encryption
Temperature:-10℃ - 60℃
Certification:FCC Certification

Package Included:
2x SMA interface 5DB Paddle type antenna
2x MMCX interface 5DB Circular tube antenna
1x Micro HDMI to Mico HDMI
1x APM flight control cable
1x PIX flight control cable
1x Other DIY DUPOND control cable
1x Gimbal PWM cable
1x Power module
1x Transmitter
1x Receiver

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