Hobbylord Bumble Bee ST550 Four Rotor Aircraft ARF

Hobbylord Bumble Bee ST550 Four Rotor Aircraft ARF

Item# Bumble-Bee-ST550-ARF
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Camera Mount: 
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1).Frame comes with carbon fiber + Engineering plastics materials
2).Newly designed streamline landing skids, easy to assemble and disasseble
3).Folding design, easy to carry and store

Flight Controller: Bumblebee
1).Suitable for 4-rotor X and + flying mode
2).Interchangeable between manual model and attitude model

Shaft distance:550mm
Folded lenght:784mm
Folded height:100mm
Weight (without electronics):800g
Flight weight:1200g
Supported load:200-500g
Maximum flight weight:1700g
Suggested battery: 11.1v 3s 2200-5500mah
Battery discharging capacity >20C
Flight time >10 mins
Propellers: 1038x2pcs, 1038px2pcs
Brushless ESC: 4 x 20A
Brushless Motor: 4 x HL3512 (weight:75g, KV:910rpm/V,no-load current:0.7A/11.1V )

Single-axis Camera Mount (not included in the package and needs to be purchased separately)

- It is made by 1.2mm of carbon fiber board and aluminum alloy CNC with light weight and high strength.
- We use four silicon gel damping suspension pad prevent high frequency vibration..
- It is good use of nylon screw and mental screw guarantee high strength while also good control of the weight.
- The servo power supply need to provide at least 5V 3A current in order to driving the servo
- Total weight:100g (include servo)
- Support for pitch and roll two-axis rotation: the pitch angle:í└45úČthe roll angle:í└30
- Maximum payload:110mmx75mm(recommend collocate small digital camera or GOPRO photography camera)
- Use standard 9g servo to control pitch and roll (suggest Hitec 65MG)
- We recommend the user to purchase high quality UBEC provide current driving.
Package includes:
1x Bumble Bee ST-550 Quadcopter Frame
1x Bumble Bee Flight Controller
4x 1038 Propellers
4x HL3512 Brushless Motors
4x 20A ESC
1x Instruction Manual
1x Single-axis Camera Mount(Optional)

Radio System,11.1V li-po Battery