ARRIS Electric RC Multicopter Retractable Landing Skid

ARRIS Electric RC Multicopter Retractable Landing Skid

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2014 New ARRIS Electric RC Multicopter Retractable Landing Skid

Weight: 577g around
Power Supply: 5-7.2V DC
Power Consumption: standby consumption 0.2W, runing power consumption:5W
Signal Control: regular receiver
Dia. of Vertical Support Pipe: 22mm(support at least 400MM in height)
Dia. of horizental Pipe: 14mm (500mm in length)

Failsafe Protection: First, you need to make sure there is failsafe protection function on your radio. Second, please set the CH which you defined for the retractable landing skid for failsafe protection. After you set this successfully, once the receiver lost signal, the landing skid will fold down automatically to ensure the safe landing of the multicopter.

Slow Retraction:the use of slow retraction mode can effectively avoid vibration caused by multicopter frame during fast movement of the landing gear.

Locking Mode:the landing skid will be automatically locked in a place when it has been raised or lowered to a preset position.

Safely Launch:when the power is on, the retractable landing skid will be in lower place and locked by default no mater whether the radio is on or where the channel to control the landing skid is.


  1. When you install the retractable landing skid, you need to use the material ARRIS provide, and install and connect it according to the manual. If you change parts by yourself or do not install it according to our manual, we will not be responsible for the loss it causes.
  2. The servo on the retractable landing skid needs independent UBEC for power supply. Do not power it through receiver; do not use the same UBEC with the flight controller.
  3. Please make sure the power supply voltage for the landing skid is DC 5V. If the voltage is higher than or lower than 5V, it may cause the following problem:
  4. The retractable landing skid could not operate well according to the instruction from the radio
  5. The servo will be burnt
  6. Pay attention to the ˇ°+ of the power supply. If you connect the wrong wire, it may burn the controller board or the servo.
  7. Do not lift extra items on the main brace rod or cross rod.

Before we send it out, the travel of the landing skid has adjusted well. But due to the working voltage or other reason, there might be deviation. You can adjust it according to the user manual.

How to connect the wires?

Please connect the wires ARRIS provide. �0�2(There should be no ˇ°+ˇ± connector between the main controller output and servo; there should be no ˇ°signalˇ± connector between servo and the UBEC)



There are two buttons on the main controller board: S1 and S2. Press S1 button, the travel will decrease, and press S2 button, the travel will increase.

Here we will take ˇ°folding down status as an example. Before you adjust the travel, fold down the landing skid; check whether the travel is proper for it. When you are ready to adjust it, press S1 (decrease the travel) or S2 (increase the travel) for 5 to 10 seconds and then loosen your finger, the LED light will be off, then press it one by one until it reaches the angle you need. After you adjust the travel, do not do any operation, wait for about 10 seconds the LED will be on; this means the setting is saved. Then you can move the stick for several times to check whether the adjustment is successfully.

If you can hear the strong electricity sound from the servo, which means the travel is too long(it may burn the the servo). At this moment, you need to decrease the travel until the sound disappears.