ARRIS Electric USB Heated Hot Steam Eye Mask with 5 Temperature Control

ARRIS Electric USB Heated Hot Steam Eye Mask with 5 Temperature Control

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Application: Person who has myopia / personal computer for a long time everyday / dry eye / staying all night / Panda eye / those who make a lot of makeup / insomnia etc.

Main Features:
【Broader Coverage Design】- Most eye mask in the market could just cover the eyes, while what we sell has broader coverage area, which could not only offer an eye treatment, but also keep your head warm. can use it even for a short break, at bedtime, longtime traveling etc.
【Easy and Convenient to Use】- This eye heating pad can be used anytime anywhere you like. Just simply plug it to a PC, power bank or USB adapter, it could work. You can use it for a short break, at bedtime, longtime traveling to relieve eye stress, headache, puffy eyes, insomnia, dry eyes, perfect as birthday gifts, thanksgiving gifts and christmas gift.
【How Does It Work】- Inspired by disposable hot steam eye mask, heated with graphene carbon fiber heater, which can produce 6-14 μm far infrared after heating from the human body and so as to effectively relieve dry eyes and eliminate dark circles, puffy eyes and improves the blood circulation around your eyes. 30 minutes per day recommended, gives you a relaxing eye therapy.
【5-Level Temperature Control & Time Setting】- The ARRIS heated eye mask has 5 classes heat temperature from 40C - 60C (104℉ to 140℉) and 6 classes timing from 10 - 60 minutes. Eyes are sensitive and can't stand high temperature for a long time. The recommended temperature is 45C (113℉) for 30 minutes.
【Safety】- Built-in thermal protection module. Once it is overheat, it would stop until the heat return to the standard temperature. And It will stop working automatically when you go into deep sleep. Compared to microwaveable heated devices that can easily be overheated, our dry eye compress keeps a safe consistent range of heat. Also we offer 30 days free return guarantee for every customer.

Power supply: USB power supply
Heating Element: 1 pad
Temperature: 1-5 Adjustable (40-60 ℃ / 104-140℉)
Time: Can be set from 10 minutes to 60 minutes
Capacity: 5V
Heating technology: thin micro carbon fiber heater panel.

Washing method: hand washing / washing machine washing / dry washing. Keep it clean indefinitely (Note: Please dry it after washing, please do not use it when there is water or wet.)