Hawk-Eye Sharp Vision 7 inches All-in-one FPV Monitor with Dual Receivers

Hawk-Eye Sharp Vision 7 inches All-in-one FPV Monitor with Dual Receivers

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This monitor has two versions, one with DVR function and the other do not have.

Hawkeye Sharp Vision 7 inches LED monitor comes with high brightness LED display. The highly sensitive processing chip and technology is adopted, make sure there is no delay and no blue screen. The monitor adopts dual receiving system design, which makes sure your image transmission more reliable. With the new design, the monitor is only 398g, much lighter than the same kind product in the market.

Resolution: 800 x 480
Backlight: LED
Backlight Brightness: 700 Lux
Screen Ratio: 16:9
Response Time: 10ms
Formats: PAL/NTSC
Working Voltage: DC: 2S ¡V 6S Battery
Working Current: 850mah @ 12V
1.4A @ 7.4V
Input: Video (PAL/NTSC), Audio
Output: Video, Audio
DVR resolution: D1/VGA/QVGA
Max Support: 32G TF Card
Antenna Connector: RP-SMA internal thread, inner bore
5.8G sensitivity: -94dB
Package Weight: 0.66kg
Dimension: 250mm x 130mm x 106mm

Main Features:
Brightness LED Display¡XAuto Brightness Adjustment
The light level of the Hawkeye 7 inches monitor is 700Lux, there is no difficulty to view the video output on the screen even in the sunlight. Considering the high brightness under sunlight may hurt your eye, or make you feel uncomfortable, the Hawkeye sharp vision 7 inch monitor has another feature: auto brightness adjustment. The brightness of the screen will be adjusted according to the surrounding light conditions in order to protect your eyes. On the other hands, auto brightness adjustment can save more than 30% power.

No Delay/ No Blue Screen
For FPV, we all know the bad result will cause by blue screen or the black screen even in several seconds. Your flying machine may disappear or crash in this short time. The Hawkeye sharp vision 7 inches monitor adopts high sensitive processing chip and technology, to make sure the weakest signal can be received. It will make your flight safe.

Dual Receiving System
With the dual receiving system, it will make your image transmission more reliable. As all we know, the flat panel antenna is used fro long distance flight, and the clover leaf antenna for short distance flight. On the Hawkeye sharp vision 7 inches monitor, you can use those two antennas on it at the same time. With them, you can easily control your drone to fly far or close, as you like.

Easy to Use
On Hawkeye sharp vision 7 inches monitor, it is easy to set the right channel. The auto/manual channel scan function allows you to find a matched channel easily. Furthermore, human-machine interaction design allows you to get hold of the whole searching process. 31 channels of 5.8G analogue image transmission are supported.

According to the survey, many crashes were caused by overtime flying. Crashes are not caused the economic loss, but also be dangerous for people. The timer/alarm function in Hawkeye sharp vision monitor helps accurately grasp every taking off and landing time so that you know how clearly what to do.
The built-in voltmeter of the Hawkeye monitor shows you the voltage of the battery in real time. With it, you will know when to change the battery.

Package Includes:
1 x Sharp Vision 7" High Bright LED Monitor
1 x Shade Hood
1 x AV Input / Output Wire (Yellow: Video input / Red: Audio input / Black: Video output / White: Audio output)
1 x Power Output Cable
2 x Wire Cables
2 x Straps
1 x Radio Sling