TAROT FY680 PRO Carbon Fiber Hexa-copter Super Combo (Not Assembled)
TAROT FY680 PRO Carbon Fiber Hexa-copter Super Combo (Not Assembled)

TAROT FY680 PRO Carbon Fiber Hexa-copter Super Combo (Not Assembled)

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Plugs/Connectors/Wires for Assembling: 

- Tarot FY680 Pro 3K Pure Carbon Fiber Full Folding Hexacopter is a replacement of Tarot FY680 folding hexacpter,with innovation design and various patent.
- Tarot FY680 Pro 3K Pure Carbon Fiber Full Folding Hexacopter with many advantages including quick folding,low gravity,super stability and super large installation space & Unique shape and apperance
- Main board with Matte PCB circult,Integrated PCB connection :the power supply electric adjustment & ESC connection, etc
- Quick wire connection,Provide adequate installation space for all kinds of flight control system
- Adopts 3K Pure carbon fiber,CNC processing
- 16mm tube folding bracket widen 3 point support force,widen the place with carbon fiber plate,avoiding broken

- New type carbon fiber fastener adopts Import enhance fiber nylon material,with M2.5 screw ,Its diameter M3.2 interface can make PCB and lever solid connection
- The new folding landingskid with integral design safety locking device,preventing contraction caused by the impact
- A new motor base plate with places to install a new wire harness protection for clamping design is convenient to adjust the motor level
- TAROT 680 pro 6 axis vehicle frame in view of the user design require high portability, especially suitable for used for monitoring of remote sensing mapping aerial reconnaissance fire observation life exploring cable patrol farm monitoring for mobile high performance requirements, equipment load is not big and need a long blank navigation.

Configuration requirements:
Shaft Diameter: 695MM
Propeller: 12-13in carbon fiber propeller TL2829
Brushless Motor: 4S/620KV4006 Brushless Motor TL2829
Battery Specification: 14.8V 4000-5000MHA
ESC Specification: 20-30A

tarot 680 pro

Tarot 4108/380KV6S high-efficiency multi-rotor brushless motor is designed for four-axis and six-axis multi-rotor aircraft. It is manufactured with high-precision and full CNC machining. The flat-shaped flat surface is smooth and seamless, and the balance is excellent. The newly designed high-efficiency turbofan cap provides a powerful cooling airflow. The rotor is made of high-magnetic material NdFeB. The stator is made of high-strength epoxy resin to protect against high temperature. The 22P high-flux outer rotor motor has a special The balance correction improves the vibration problem caused by the poor balance of the ordinary external rotation motor. The motor shaft is made of high-speed alloy steel. The motor upper and lower covers adopt large-size high-speed precision bearings, which have the advantages of low friction torque, low power loss, impact resistance, and strong radial support at high speed. 4108/380KV6S The new generation of brushless motors has passed the rigorous dynamic, static, magnetic field characteristics, strong magnetic high temperature resistance, demagnetization loss, motion vibration, noise, load performance and other engineering techniques. It continues to inherit the TAROT brushless motor: long life, high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, and stable control.

- Motor diameter: 46MM
- stator dia:40.6MM
- Stator thickness: 8MM
- stator terminal:24
- Motor pole: 22P
- wirediameter:0.23MM
- Gear install diameter: ¢4MM
- Motor height: :24.0MM
- Motor shaft legth : 32.50MM
- KV: 380 RPM / Volt
- Net weight : 93G
- Impedence:135 mΩ
- No load current:0.5A
- Max Thrust: 1620g
- Installation size::27.7MM equilateral triangle
- Prop installation : Main hole dia:4mm.size hole 3mm,pitch between each hole:12mm


TAROT 4108 380KV



- Model: X4110S 680KV
- Stator Outer Diameter: 41mm
- Stator thickness: 10mm
- Structure: 12N14P
- KV: 680
- Empty-load current: 0.6A
- Resistance: 38m
- Max.continuous current: 40A/30S
- Max.continuous power: 592W
- Weight: 148g(w/cable)
- Rotor diameter: 48.2mm
- Out shaft diameter: 4mm
- Motor length:    30.5mm
- Total length: 36.5mm
- Max.battery cell: 4S
- Propeller recommanded: APC12x3.8 APC14x4.7 DJI15x5.5

The most significant feature of ARRIS Simonk 30A brushless ESC is that it has 400mm singnal wire and power cord, no need to add extra wires, which greatly reduce the triviality in wiring.

- Weight: 25g
- Size: 55 * 19 * 10mm
- Continuous Current: 30A
- Burst current: 45A
- BEC Mode: OPTO
- The applicable number of battery cells :2-6S

680 Quad combo

Main Features of the 1355 Peopeller:
Root has unique design, which increases the strength and efficiency
100% carbon TORAY 3K pure carbon fiber applied
Well-balanced from factory
Optimized propeller efficiency and loading stability

Package Includes:
1 x TL68P00 Hexa-copter Frame
6 x ARRIS Simonk 30A 2-6S OPTO Brushless ESC
6 x TL2829 1355 Carbon Fiber Propeller (3 pairs)
6 x Tarot 4108/380KV Motor/4006/620KV TL68P02 motor