FPV-FEVER X7450Diversity 7in Wireless FPV LCD Monitor W/Built-in 5.8G Dual Receiver

FPV-FEVER X7450Diversity 7in Wireless FPV LCD Monitor W/Built-in 5.8G Dual Receiver

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FPV-FEVER X7450Diversity 7in Wireless FPV LCD Monitor W/Built-in 5.8G Dual Receiver/Dual Antenna/32CH/Sunshade (High Definition, Highlight, No Flash)

The Advantage of built-in receiver:
Avoid complicated cables and connectors.
- Avoid complicated modification and soldering.
- Avoid signal interference.
- Higher level of integration, more professional appearance and more convenient to use.
- Offer power to both receiver and monitor with only one battery

FPV-FEVER X7450Diversity TFT colorful LCD monitor is a upgrade version of the old H7450Diversity. As a new product of FPV-FEVER, X7450Diverysity monitor is designed not only keep the feature of built-in high performance dual antenna 5.8G receiver, but also accomplish some big improvements in appearance and performance. It is designed with a more professional appearance and has higher integration. Besides, it is also congigured with a detachable sunshade, easy to carry and convenient to use!

X7450Diverysity has built-in two 32CH 5.8G receivers, so there are two antennas. Two 5.8G receiver works separately and could receive video signal simultaneously from single one frequency and automatically select the channel with better signal. The configured receiver antennas are all omni antennas, customers can also modify the antenna to mushroom one or panel antenna to enhance the signal receiving capacity of antenna.

Same as other FPV-FEVER monitors, RC800DVR adopts FPV three anti screen design -- Anti-black, anti-blue, anti-splash screen, even if the signal is weak, it can display images normally( may be "snow ", but no black, no blue screen, no splash screen).The use of ultra 400cd/m2 brightness and 500:1 contrast ratio, even in the outdoors, the monitor can also work correctly, 800 x 480 HD resolution makes you be able to observe more image details. R

The X7450Diverysity is working only after it was powered on, no need to press any power switch. This design is perfect for FPV and aerial photography.


- No black screen, blue screen, flash screen
- Adopts hard detachable sunshade
- Built-in 5.8G diversity receiver(2way), w/32CH, setting through DIP switch
- 45-cd/m2 high light, 500:1 contrast, 800*480 display
- NTSC/PAL format
- 16:9 and 4:3 auto change
- Suitable for: FPV, Aerial photography
- With fixture screw hole on base, could mount on tripod
- Offer 2CH power supply input port
- Offer 1CH AV Out and 1CH AV IN port
- Support menu setting monitor parameter
- Support audio receive, and volume adjustable

- Work voltage: DC7-12V(11.1V Lipo)
- Antenna: SMA inner bore
- Power: <8W
- Size: 180*133*28mm
- Weight: 490g

Package Included:

- 1x X7540Diversity monitor
- 1x JST cable
- 1x Folding sunshade
- 2x 5.8G omnidirectional antenna
- 1x A/V cable

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