Fat Shark FCC Certified 5.8GHz Transmitter FSV2461

Fat Shark FCC Certified 5.8GHz Transmitter FSV2461

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The Fat Shark FCC certified transmitter provides license free operation and performance sufficient for multi rotor video photography.  A useable range of approximately 200m is achieved by the pairing the transmitter (equipped with integrated circular polarized antenna) with a similarly equipped Fat Shark headset (which has superior RF sensitivity). The cased transmitter is specially molded to clip into the Phantom/GoPro mount (accessory) which mounts the transmitter/antenna in the optimum flight position.

How to operate:
Connect a fatshark camera with the camera cable to complete the downlink system. Use your FPV goggles to scan the clearest channel, set the transmitter channel to the same frequency (ships default on channel 1) and connect the balance lead of your 2S, 3S or 4S (7.4V - 16V) RC battery to the filtered balance lead and you are ready to fly. The handy balance lead filters RC servo and motor noise from your RC pack for a crisp, clear image. For optimal performance only use with a RHCP antenna on the receiver side.

Features integrated Spironet RHCP antenna (right hand circular polarized)
No amateur radio license required
650 foot range

Antenna type: circular polarized
RF Module: NexwaveRF
Dimensions: 40 X 26 X 14 mm
Weight: 20g
Power supply: 7 - 17V (2S-4S supply)
Power consumption: <100mA @12V (+camera supply)
Power out (to camera): 5V, 250mA max
Operating Frequency: 5G8 (see below frequency chart)
Packaging Dimensions: 120 x 40 x 18 mm
Packaging Weight: 40g

Connector sticker color designation:
Red = V+,
Grey = GND,
Yellow = VID,
Green/white = AUD L/R