ARRIS E610P 6 Axis 10L Farm Drone Agriculture Spraying Drone with T-Motor P60 Power System

ARRIS E610P 6 Axis 10L Farm Drone Agriculture Spraying Drone with T-Motor P60 Power System

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E610P 6 axis 16L agriculture drone is the upgrade version of the E610S. Compared with the E610S, the biggest differences of it is integration. The structure of the E610P's fuselage has been improved. The body is different from the original carbon structure, and the improved product is processed by plastic injection molding

The E610P Series agriculture drones continues the classic design elements of the old E series. It adopts red and blue color matching, a streamlined body design, and the whole body is waterproof, without fear of high pressure washing. The new P series upgrade product adopts a new integrated molding process. Complex to simple, the fuselage is integrated from dozens of original parts into a whole, and the fuselage is made of high-strength and impact-resistant materials, which are strong and anti-fall. 
E610P 10L Drone
E610P 10L Drone
The force-bearing structure of the fuselage adopts a double fixing method of clamping and limiting at many key points, so that the entire fuselage will not cause structural displacement due to long-term use, and it also makes installation and positioning easier. 
E610P 10L Drone
There reserved a detachable camera installation parts in front of the fuselage, which can be installed or closed according to own needs. 
E610P 10L Drone
The power distribution board in the center of the fuselage integrates all power supply plugs to separate the power supply from the signal and minimize interference 
E610P 10L Drone
The new product continues the classic foldable body design, using threaded locking and folding parts, which are stable and not loose, and the volume is small after folding, which is convenient for transportation and transition. 
E610P 10L Drone
Digonal Wheelbase: 1362mm
Folding Dimensions: 648x671x628mm
Unfolded Dimensions: 1844x1844x628mm
Arm Diameter: 40mm
Payload: 16L
Frame Weight: 6.5kg
Frame with power equipement: about 15kg
Take off weight: 37kg
Power source: Battery
Power Connector: AS150U
Operation temperature:10~50℃ 

T-motor P60-X power combo is specially great for agriculture drones and other heavy payload UAV drones.

Main Features:
• Turn-key system, perfect compatibility, superb cost performance
• Fast and convenient
• Free of complicated mounting process


Package inlucded:
T-MOTOR P60 340KV Brushless Motor x 1
T-Motor Flame 70A x 1
T-Motor MF2211 Folfing Propeller x 1

t-motor p60

p60 power combo

t-motor propeller

t motor p60-x

t-motor flame 70a

t-motor p60

Package Included:
ARRIS E610P 6 Axis 10L Agriculture Drone frame x 1
10L water tank x 1
Brushless spraying system x 1 
T-MOTOR P60 Power Combo P60 340KV Motor+ Flame 70A+MF2211 Propeller X 6 (3CW+3CCW)