ARRIS E410P 4 Axis 10L Farm Drone Agriculture Spraying Drone Complete Version
ARRIS E410P 4 Axis 10L Farm Drone Agriculture Spraying Drone Complete Version

ARRIS E410P 4 Axis 10L Farm Drone Agriculture Spraying Drone Complete Version

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ARRIS E410P 4 Axis 10L Farm Drone Agriculture Spraying Drone complete version comes E410P 4 axis drone frame kit, brushless spraying system, Hobbywing x8Propulsion Systems, JIyi K++ Flight controller and Skydroid H12 radio. With the 12S battery, you can complete the drone and make it work. 

E410P 4 axis 10L agriculture drone is the upgrade version of the E410S. Compared with the E410S, the biggest differences of it is integration. The structure of the E410P's fuselage has been improved. The body is different from the original carbon structure, and the improved product is processed by plastic injection molding.

The E410P Series agriculture drones continues the classic design elements of the old E series. It adopts red and blue color matching, a streamlined body design, and the whole body is waterproof, without fear of high pressure washing. The new P series upgrade product adopts a new integrated molding process. Complex to simple, the fuselage is integrated from dozens of original parts into a whole, and the fuselage is made of high-strength and impact-resistant materials, which are strong and anti-fall.

E410P UAV AGriculture drone
E410P UAV AG drone frame

The force-bearing structure of the fuselage adopts a double fixing method of clamping and limiting at many key points, so that the entire fuselage will not cause structural displacement due to long-term use, and it also makes installation and positioning easier.

E410P Agriculture spraying drone

There reserved a detachable camera installation parts in front of the fuselage, which can be installed or closed according to own needs.

e410p drone on sale

The power distribution board in the center of the fuselage integrates all power supply plugs to separate the power supply from the signal and minimize interference

e410p farm drone

The new product continues the classic foldable body design, using threaded locking and folding parts, which are stable and not loose, and the volume is small after folding, which is convenient for transportation and transition. 

 E410P UAV Agriculture drone 10L


Digonal Wheelbase: 1416mm
Folding Dimensions: 700x799x567mm
Unfolded Dimensions: 1780x1780x567mm
Arm Diameter: 40mm
Payload: 10L
Frame Weight: 6kg
Frame with power equipement: about 12kg
Max take off weight: 26kg
Spray lance width: 1800mm
Spraying swath: 4-3m (flight height is 1.5m to 2m)
Main arm length:216mm
Power source: Battery
Power Connector: AS150U
Flight time: 10 to 15 minutes (with 12S 16000mah Lipo)
Flight speed: 0-12M/S
Spray speed: 0-8M/S
Spray flow: 0.2-4L/min
Flying downward airflow: 4-15m/s
Operation temperature:10~50℃


Hobbywing X8 Power System for Agricultural Drones

X8 Power System for Agriculture Drones
Specifications Max. Thrust 15.3kg/Axis (48V, Sea Level )
Recommended LiPo Battery 12S LiPo
Recommended Takeoff Weight 5-7kg/Axis(48V,Sea Level)
Combo Weight 1040g
Waterproof Rating IPX7
Operating Temperature -20℃~65℃
Motor Stator Size 81*20mm
KV Rating 100 rpm/V
O.D of Carbon Fiber Tube Φ35mm/Φ30mm (*Tube Adapter will be Needed)
Bearing NSK Ball Bearing (Waterproof)
ESC Recommended LiPo Battery 6-12S LiPo
PWM Input Signal Level 3.3V/5V (Compatible )
Throttle Signal Frequency 50-500Hz
Operating Pulse Width 1100-1940 μs (Fixed or cannot be Programmed )
Max. Input Voltage 52.2V
Max. Input Current (Cont.) 80 A(w/ Good Heat Dissipation )
Max. Peak Current (10s) 100 A (w/ Good Heat Dissipation )
Nozzle Mounting Holes Φ28.4mm-2*M3
Propeller Diameter×Thread Pitch 29x11 inch
Weight 180g

JIYI K ++ Flight Controller

As a new generation flagship flight control system, K++V2 integrates the advantages of the classic flight control K3A, and strengthens compatibility and multiple redundancy schemes to form a redundant redundant control system with superior performance, strong reliability and effective guarantee Work safety.

Flight Modes and Functions:

Attitude mode, GPS mode, AB operation, route operation, one-key return home Loss of control protection, continuous operation out of control, low voltage protection, fence function, log storage function, landing lock function, no-fly zone function, vibration protection function, star loss protection function, active noise reduction function, motor sequence detection function, direction detection function , Dual water pump mode, drug-off protection function, precise spraying, water pump switch control, water pump linkage control

For more information about it, you can check it here

Skydroid H12 1080P Digital Video Data Transmission Transmitter Long Range Remote Controller

Skydroid H12 2.4Ghz long range radio with 5.5 inch high brightness screen is great for rc drones, rc robots, industrial applications equipements. With the  FHSS spread spectrum technology, the full range of the Skydroid H12 can reach 5 to 30km. It has clear image, low delay, long range, strong anti-interference and other features. So it can be widely used on agriculture drones, FPV sevurity, fire protection, electric power, surveying and mapping robots, border defense, etc.

Package Included:
ARRIS E410P 4 Axis 10L Agriculture Drone frame x 1
10L water tank x 1
Brushless spraying system  x 1 
Hobbywing Propulsion system x 4 (2CW+2CCW)
Jiyi K++ Flight Controller with GPS x 1
Skydroid H12 Radio receiver with camera x 1

Note: Since some customers already have the battery or charger, so we did  not include them in the combo. Tattu 12S 16000mah or OKCELL 12S 16000mah battery are good for it. Skyrc PC1500 charger is recommended for it.