CUAV XB Radio Wireless PRO 250mW Data Transmitter Receiver for Pixhawk Pixhack Flight Controller

CUAV XB Radio Wireless PRO 250mW Data Transmitter Receiver for Pixhawk Pixhack Flight Controller

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The CUAV XB Radio PRO wireless data communication module provides best-in-class wireless connectivity for drones or IoT devices. They use the DigiMesh network protocol, have intensive network operations and support for sleep routers, and can also use proprietary point-to-multipoint configurations. These modules support RF line-of-sight ranges up to 28 miles (with high gain antennas) and data rates up to 200 Kbps, making them ideal for extended-range applications that require increased data throughput.

The CUAV XB Radio PRO does not require programming and can be easily configured using Digi's free XCTU software or through a simplified set of AT commands.

The built-in Digi XBee module has been pre-certified in multiple countries, further reducing development costs and shortening time to market.

The CUAV XB Radio PRO module is easy to use, shares a common hardware serial port, and offers a variety of different protocols so that users can integrate with your drone or device with minimal development time and risk.

Product Features:

Double-ended switching
CUAV XB Radio PRO has built-in TTL and USB ports, seamless switching between air and ground, and greater flexibility to reduce the cost of use.

Integrated RSSI output
CUAV XB Radio PRO integrates the signal strength output and can be directly connected to the drone controller, allowing the user to obtain the current signal strength in real time to determine the risk of loss.

Frequency: 902-928MHz
Processor: Cortex-X3 EFM32G230@28MHz,ADF7023 transceiver
Max Power: 24dBM(250mw)
Receiving sensitivity: -101dBM@200Kpds;-110dBM@10dps
USB port: UART(3V).SPI
Power supply: 4-7V
Transmission current: 229mA
Receiving current: 44ma
Standby current: 3uA
Size (mm):30*55*9mm
Weight: 39
Package weight:300g

Package including:
- 2 x CUAV XB Radio PRO Wireless Transmission Module with shell
- 2x Antenna
- 3 x Connection cable(pixhack,pixhawk,RSSI)
- 1 x USB data cable

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