Tarot GOPRO T-3D Metal 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal for GoPro 4 Session TL3T02

Tarot GOPRO T-3D Metal 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal for GoPro 4 Session TL3T02

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Tarot ZYX T-3D IV is the latest 3 Axis brushless gimbal designed for GoPro 4 Session from Tarot. With unique internal wiring design, built-in IMU gimbal control module, specialized servo drive module, this gimbal is able to support Pan Follow (PF) mode and First Person View (FPV) mode.This gimbal can work independently.If you have ZYX-M flight controller, connect the gimbal and Tarot ZYX-M Flight Control Module to the DATA/FC channel of gimbal controller through the special cable in main components pack, you will get a better result.

Input Power: 3S-6S Li (11V-26V)
Working Current: 30mA£¨@25V£©
Stall Current: 350mA£¨@25V£©
Working Environment: -20¡æ~+50¡æ
Weight: 153g
Dimensions (with T-3D IV): 80mm*90mm*120mm
Max Controllable Rotation Speed£ºTILT: ¡À200 deg/s
ROLL: ¡À200 deg/s
PAN: ¡À200 deg/s
Controllable Rotation Range£ºTILT: -120 deg ~ +80 deg
PAN: -125 deg ~ +125 deg
ROLL: -50 deg ~ +50 deg
Attitude Control Accuracy£º ¡À0.02¡ã
Supported Camera£º GOPRO HERO4 SESSION
Assistant Software Supporting Platform£ºWindows XP/VISTA/7/8

Main Features:
1. Specially designed for GoPro 4 Session 4

2. New design, matal material, different with other gimbals.

2. Special design for GoPro4 Session. Easy and quick to install to the drone. There are two mtel hooks on the gimbal, it can install to the 10mm tube easily by tightening the two self tapping screwscrews easily.

3. High precision driving algorithm to control the motor precisely

4 The rotation speed is controllable,and the gimbal support PF mode and FPV mode, hele you to seize every corner you want.

Note: In order to get the perfect performance, please DO NOT adjusts the gimbal or changes its mechanical structure! Before leaving the factory, ZYX T-3D IV gimbal has been adjusted to fit the camera. Based on the setup procedures, you can achieve a fabulous flight experience. Moreover, do not add any external component to the camera. It is highly suggested to apply to the original battery to avoid malfunctions of internal wirings or performance degradations.

Package Include:
T-3D Gimbal x 1
Gimbal Main Controller Module x 1
5V OUT and Receiver wires x 1
Gimbal Main Controller & Gimbal Connection Cable x 1
Connection Cable to Flight Controller x 1
USB Module x 1

User Manual and Software Download