ARRIS Explorer280 Long Range FPV Racing Drone w/HD Camera and GPS BNF
ARRIS Explorer280 Long Range FPV Racing Drone w/HD Camera and GPS BNFARRIS Explorer280 Long Range FPV Racing Drone w/HD Camera and GPS BNFARRIS Explorer280 Long Range FPV Racing Drone w/HD Camera and GPS BNF

ARRIS Explorer280 Long Range FPV Racing Drone w/HD Camera and GPS BNF

Item# CA0200
USD $199.00

The Explorer 280 drone's settings software is INAV not Betaflight.The INAVversion is 2.0.0,and firmware name is OMNIBUSF4 and firmware verison is 2.1.0.

ARRIS Explorer280 aims at long range and long flight time for drone fpv lovers, to explore the funny things through this drone.. It is compatible with GoPro and sports camera on top. With the GPS, it can realize the height fixed, one key return to home function. With 600w stock video transmitter, the transmission range can reach to 2km.

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ARRIS Explorer280 long range drone comes with X280 frame, arris x2206 1500kv high efficiency motor, 3-4S simo BLHeli_S ESC, Gemfan 7045 two blade propeller,popular arris fpv camera, ARRIS VT5804V2 power switchable long range Video transmitter, Foxeer pagoda pro antenna. It is fully assembled and tested,install the receiver which is compatible with your radio, do some settings, it will fly.

Diagonal Wheelbase: 280mm
Flight Controller: F4 Pro V3 flight Controller
Motor: X2206 1500KV
ESC: BLHeli_S 30A
Frame Material: Pure Carbon Fiber
BNF weight: About 356g
Camera: arris camera
FPV TX: 5.8G 48CH (0mw/25mw/100mw/200mw/400mw/600mw Switchable)
Antenna: 5.8G pagoda Antenna

ARRIS Explorer280 comes with powerful X2206 1500KV Brushless motor. The main features of the motor is as below:
1. Adopts the brand new M5 steel shaft, improving the structure strength.
2. Anti-slip pro design.
3. Adopts original Japan NSK bearing, improving the performance of the motor.
4. Adopts N52 tile-shaped magnets.
5. Adpops open structure design, optimizing the heat dissipation.
6. The motor passed more than 20 kinds of tests before leaving the factory, ensure the quality of the motor.

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Gemfan Flash 7042 7 Inches 2 Blade Propeller..With light blade and less moment of inertia, Gemfan flash series propellers have smooth turning performance and fast response.The polycarbonate material is dash-and-bending-resistant and leads to the best efficiency and durability.

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ARRIS 30A 2-4S BLHeli_S brushless esc is specially designed for fpv racing drones. It support oneshot, multishot and dshot300 protocals. Fast response to the throttle during the flight.

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Omnibus F4 PRO V3 flight controller adopts STM32F405 MCU,which increase teh operation frequency, faster response than F3. it comes with built in OSD and barometer, you can adjust the OSD in BF software, more convenient.

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BN-880 Flight Control GPS Module Dual Module Compass. With it,you can switch the mode to one key return to home.

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ARRIS FPV Camera has compact size, vivid color ultra-low latency, as well as excellent performance under complicated conditions(great changes in brightness) due to good WDR. This FPV camera greatly improve the playability of racing drone.


ARRIS VT5804 48CH 0mw/25mw/100mw/200mw/400mw/600mw Switchable Video Transmitter
.It has stable output power, long transmission range (0.5KM+@25mW; 1KM@200mW; 2KM+@600mW with stock antenna), 6 power switchable,Output power and frequency setting can be done in OSD interface through remote controller and it weighs only 6g, perfect for fpv racing quads.

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Foxeer Pagoda Pro 5.8G mini antenna.
The body adopts imported PC+ABS material, can withstand high strenghth impact. Double-jacket semi-rigid cable for heavy impact resistance. Lower feeder loss, easy to install, can be bent at any angle and maintain.

ARRIS X280 support the Sports camera and GoPro. The 3D printed parts is sold separately. The antenna seat supports multiple kinds of antenna installation angle, 180°and 60°.It is also compatible with R9M long range receiver antenna. If you need the RTF version of Frsky QX 7, you can check here.

Package Included:
ARRIS Explorer280 280MM Fpv racing drone frame x 1
ARRIS X2206 1500KV Brushless motor x 4
ARRIS BLHeli_S 30A ESC x 4
Gemfan 7042 Propeller x 4
F4 V3 Pro flight controller x 1
BN-880 Flight Control GPS Module x1
ARRIS VT5804 Switchable video transmitter x 1
Foxeer Pagoda pro antenna x 1

Note: Radio, Receiver and battery are not included.