ARRIS X-Speed 250B 250MM FPV Racing Drone RTF with GPS
ARRIS X-Speed 250B 250MM FPV Racing Drone RTF with GPS

ARRIS X-Speed 250B 250MM FPV Racing Drone RTF with GPS

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Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)Mode 1 (Right Hand Throttle)
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ARRIS X-Speed 250b V3 RTF with GPS version is fully assembled and tested before leaving factory.It supports GPS mode, Attitude Mode and Manual mode. It also support accuration position hold, return to home (Customer need to set this when you receive the drone) and IOC. It comes with ARRIS S2205 2300KV brushless motor, ARRIS Swift 20A brushless esc, DJI naza lite flight controller with GPS, 1200tvl 2.1mm fpv camera, 5.8G 40ch video tx and Radiolink AT9S with receiver.

Main Features:
1. Fully assembled and tested, Ready to Fly
2. 3 Flight Mode: GPS mode, Attitude Mode and Manual Mode
3. Support accurate Position Hold, Return-To-Home and Intelligent Orientation Control
4. The angle of the FPV camera is adjustable from 0 to 45 degree
5. 4mm thick arms, super strong and durable
6. Big inner space, 268mm wheeabase, 6inches propeller and other equipements is compatible
7. High safety 4S 1500mah 50C lipo battery

Dimension: 7.88 x 9.35 x 2.63 (inches)
Diagonal Wheelbase: 268mm (10.55inches)
Flight Controller: DJI Naza Lite with GPS
Frame Material: Carbon/glass fiber composited sheet
Radio System: RadioLink AT9S radio with Receiver
Camera: ARRIS 1200tvl HD video camera
FPV TX: 5.8G 200mw 40CH
Antenna: 5.8G Antenna
Battery: ARRIS 4S 1500mah lipo battery

ARRIS X-Speed 250B comes with the latest version motor--ARRIS S2205 2300KV brushless Motor.

Main Features:

1. Knul Design: This design ensure the stability of prop installation.
2. High quality magnets: ARRIS S2205 2300KV brushless motor adopts N52SH curved magnets to ensure the motor have more power and efficiency
3. NSK bearing: ARRIS S2205 2300KV adopts 0.2mm Japan imported stators, ultra hardness aerospace aluminum and precision cnd, which make the motor more efficiency and prolong the working life.
4. Low center design: The height of the ARRIS S2205 allows a lower center of gravity closer to the mounting point, with this, the drone can fly smoothly.
5. Cooling system: The cooling system make the motor more air flow.
6. Hollowed steel prop shaft: with this, you do not need to worry of damaging threads during crashes.

The propeller we adapts on the X-Speed 250B V3.0 version is theARRIS 5042 high efficiency 3 blade propellers. It is very powerful and well balanced. It has 10% higher efficiency than normal propellers. Perfectly suitable for FPV racing.

Programe: BLheli, support oneshot 125
Continuous Current: 20A
Burst Current (10S): 30A
BEC: 5V/1A
Lipo Cells: 2-4S
Weight: 10g
Size (excluding plugs): 28 x 15 x 6mm
Typical Applications (for reference): 330-550 Multi-rotor

ARRIS FPV Mini Camera for FPV Racing Drones--ARRIS fpv mini camera is specially designed for FPV. This camera performs well in both bright and dark condition with 1200TVL high quality image. And the camera angle on the drone is adjustable.


ARRIS 5.8g 200mW 40-CH video TX pre-assembled.The ARRIS TS5823S transmitter packs 200mW of ultra clean 5.8GHz power in a micro sized video/audio transmitter! A must for those looking save size and weight while still getting good performance. The ARRIS TS5823S is transmitting a full range of 40 channels and only weighs 10g. It's perfect for a wide range of aircraft!With a goggle or monitor in hand, you can begin your FPV journey.

ARRIS X-Speed 250B has integrated with a remote controller battery warning buzzer, pilot can set the threshold (adjustable) according to CF parameter-adjustment software. In addition, you can also locate your racing drone through triggering the buzzer with the switch D on the transmitter.

3 Flight Modes.Before leaving the factory, we have set the GPS mode, Attitude Mode and Manual mode on the radio as below:

The IOC( Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)) is also set on the radio. For this function, if you do not need it, just ignore it is OK.Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. By using Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC), wherever the nose points,the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction:

In course lock flying, the forward direction is the same as a recorded nose direction. See the following figures(Mode 1): In home lock flying, the forward direction is the same as the direction from home point to multi-rotor.See the following figures (Mode 2):

Radiolink AT9S 10 Channel 2.4GHz Radio with Receiver

Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz to 2483.5MHz)
Modulation mode: QPSK
Channel bandwidth: 5.0 MHz and 250Kbps
Spread spectrum: DSSS&FHSS
Adjacent channel rejection: >38dbm
Transmitter power: less than 100mW (20dbm )
Operating current: 90mA@12V
Operating voltage: 7.4~18.0V
Control distance: More than 900 meters ground, 1500 meters air (the actual controldistance depends on the flying environment)
Channel: 10 channels,5-10 channels are customized
Compatible model: include all 120 degree and 90 degree swash-plate helicopter, all fix wings, glider and multi-rotor
Simulator model: under the simulator model the transmitter action turn off, change to power saving model
Screen: 2.8 inches 16 colorful screen, 240*320 pixels
Receivers: R6DSM receiver
Size: AT9S- 183 x 100 x 193mm, R9DS- 41 x 23 x 14mm
Weight: 0.88kg

High safety ARRIS 4S 1500mah Lipo Battery

ARRIS 4S 1500mAh 50C lipo battery is specially designed for FPV racer. The price of this battery is much higher than the similar batteries in the market, because we only sell top-quality batteries. As we all know, the low quality battery might have potential safety hazard, we will never tolerate such products.For ARRIS 4S 1500mah lipo battery, we have done UN38.3 test,1.2M Drop test,MDS report for it, for the test report, you can checkhere.

Package Includes:
1 xARRIS X-Speed 250B V3 Racing Quad Frame
2 xARRIS S2205 2300KV Brushless Motors CW
2 xARRIS S2205 2300KV Brushless Motors CCW
4 xARRIS Swift 20A ESC
4 xARRIS 5045 3-blade Propeller (2CW + 2CCW)
1 xDJI Naza Lite FC with GPS
1 xARRIS fpv 2.8mm camera
1 x5.8G 200mw 32CH FPV TX
1 xFPV Transmitter Antenna
1 xRadiolink AT9s Transmitter + R6dsm Receiver
1 xLED
1 xARRIS 4S 1500mah Lipo Battery

Battery Charger is sold separately.We suggest the Skyrc Imax B6 mini Charger with Adapter or the SKYRC IMAX B6AC V2 Professional Balance Charger.