ARRIS Dazzle 5 Inch FPV Racing Drone RTF with Jumper T18
ARRIS Dazzle 5 Inch FPV Racing Drone RTF with Jumper T18

ARRIS Dazzle 5 Inch FPV Racing Drone RTF with Jumper T18

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Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)Mode 1(Right Hand Throttle)
ARRIS Dazzle is a 5" fpv racing drone specially designed for freestyle flying.With the low gravity center design, 4mm double lower plate, 5mm arm design, it is super durable and agile for freestyle.
The RTF comes with the ARRIS Dazzle 5" drone frame, ARRIS X2206 2450KV high efficiency brushless motor, Diatone Mamba F405 with 30A 4in1 ESC Stack, T-motor T5143S 5" propeller, Rush Tank racing edition video transmitter,Arris 1200tvl 2.1mm camera and Foxeer lollipop antenna,Jumper T8 radio and Frsky R-xsr receiver. The drone is fully asembled and tuned by our professional technician team and ready to fly.

Main Features:
1. Classic True "X" symmetrical design, great flight feel for freestyle
2. High strength carbon fiber frame, 5mm thickness arms, super stable and durable
3. The inner space of the frame is greatly improved, the flight controller installed in the center of the frame, the flight is more stable
4. Comaptible with 19x19mm and 16x16mm camera
5. Highlight programmable LED on the arm, color is adustable through the radio
6. Rush Tank VTX with Foxeer lollipop antenna gives you long fpv range
7. HD high quality fpv camera provides you excellent images during FPV
8. Fully assembled and tuned through professional technician team, bind and fly

arris drone

Item Brand: ARRIS
Item Model: ARRIS Dazzle
Wheelbase: 225mm
Flight Controller: Mamba F4 FC
ESC: 40A 4in1 ESC
Motor: ARRIS 2206 2450KV Brushless motor
Propeller: Dalprop Cyclone T5045C propeller
VTX: 48CH Adjustable VTX
Camera: ARRIS Mini fpv camera

ARRIS Dazzle frame adopts the True X symmetrical design,the gravity center is in the middle,with 5mm thickness arms,2mm upper plate and doulble 4mm lower plate, the weight of the frame is about 97g, its resistance to crash increased much than other same level drones.

ARRIS X2206 2450KV High Efficiency Brushless Motor is high end brushless motor specially designed for high performance fpv racing drones.It adopts brand new M5 steel shaft, improving the structure strength. It had been upgraded to centrifugal fan design, optimizing the heat dissipation.It also adopts original Japan NSK bearing and N52 tile-shape magnets to ensure the power and quality of the motor.

F405 Betaflight Controller with 40A 4IN1 ESC Stack
With the stack on the ARRIS Dazzle drone, the wires are tidy and concise. And it is more convenient to maintain in the future.
Input power: 12.6-25V (3-6S)
BEC: 5V/1.5A
MCU: STM32F405
Gyro: MPU6000
Flash: 16MB
OSD: AT7456
Continue current: 40AŚ4
Burst current: 40/50A (6S)
Mounting hole: 30.5*30.5mm

T-Motor T5143S propeller optimized the design of prop tip, make it more durable and smooth. One of the great choice for freestlye racing drones.

The RUSH Tank Racing Edition video transmitter is a high quality VTX featuring strong anti-interference ability, power filtering, and stable transmission. With LOCK-ON technology, the frequency drift is completely eliminated, the full frequency band power is constant, let 8 players compete at the same time easily. What's more, with the full-metal shell covering, the weight is only 5.5g.

Foxeer Lollipop Super Mini Antenna. It comes with the new unibody structure and adopted strength alloy material for stronger signal, more steady gain and anti-crash. It can bent at any angle as per your requirements.

Highlight LED on the arm makes your Dazzle more dazzling. The color of the LED is adjustable in BF.

GoPro 4/5/6/7 can install on the ARRIS Dazzle 5 easily on top plate. The 3D print TPU parts is optional, you can buy from here.

Jumper T18 Hall Sensor Gimbals 2.4G 16CH OpenTX Multi-Protocol Radio

Item Brand: Jumper
Item Model: Jumper T18
Size: 180*190*58mm
Faceplate: Carbon Fiber
Gimbal Type: Hall Sensor
Weight: 888g (without battery)
Working voltage: DC7-8.4V (NO CRSF)
Channels: up to 32 channels (depending on the receiver)
Display: IPS480*272 (800 * 480 HD IPS touch screen interface reserved - expected to be supported by openTX2.4 and above)
Simulator mode: 3.5mm standard ppm output or USB HID

High safety ARRIS 4S 1500mah Lipo Battery

ARRIS 4S 1500mAh 50C lipo battery is specially designed for FPV racer. The price of this battery is much higher than the similar batteries in the market, because we only sell top-quality batteries. As we all know, the low quality battery might have potential safety hazard, we will never tolerate such products.For ARRIS 4S 1500mah lipo battery, we have done UN38.3 test,1.2M Drop test,MDS report for it, for the test report, you can check here.

Package Included:
ARRIS Dazzle 5 inch fpv racing drone frame x 1
ARRIS X2206 2450KV brushless motor x 4
Mamba F405 Betaflight F4 FC with 40A 4in1 ESC OSD Tower x 1
Rush Tank 48CH Video transmitter x 1
Foxeer 5.8G Lollipop antenna x 1
Dalprop T5045C propeller x 4 (2CW+2CCW)
ARRIS high strength battery straps x 2
ARRIS 4S 1500mah Lipo Battery x 1
Jumper T18 OpenTX Remote Controller x 1
Frsky R-XSR receiver x 1

Note: Battery for Jumper T16 Pro and Battery charger is not included.