ARRIS C250 V2 250mm FPV Racing Drone RTF
ARRIS C250 V2 250mm FPV Racing Drone RTFARRIS C250 V2 250mm FPV Racing Drone RTFARRIS C250 V2 250mm FPV Racing Drone RTFARRIS C250 V2 250mm FPV Racing Drone RTFARRIS C250 V2 250mm FPV Racing Drone RTF

ARRIS C250 V2 250mm FPV Racing Drone RTF

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Mode2(left hand throttle)Mode1(right hand throttle)
The ARRIS C250 V2 settings file of betaflight is here.

2017-10-16: The Radiolink AT9 in this RTF has been upgraded to AT9S now!

ARRIS C250 V2 RTF with Radiolink AT9 is fully assembled, tuned and tested before leaving the factory, it is ready to fly. ARRIS C250 V2 is one more professional 250 fpv racing drone it has the advantage of simple structure and high strength.ARRIS C250 V2 adopts 4in1 30A tower for the first time instead of separate ESC, flight controller and OSD. This not only decrease the weight of the drone, protect the ESC better, but also making the future maintainance more convenient.

Main Features:
1. Simple structure frame installed with tower structure ESC/PDB, easy to assemble and easy to repair.
2. High quality 3K Carbon fiber frame, the material is imported from Janpan
3. 4mm thick arms, super strong and durable
4. Super Light frame, only $136g
5. The tower ESC/FC comes with integrated OSD, no need to install it separately
6. The angle of the FPV camera is adjustable
7. 4mm thick arms, super strong and durable
8. High efficiency X2205 2300KV motor provides you better performance and longer working life
9. High quality 5045 3 blade propeller, 10% higher efficiency than normal propellers
10. High safety 4S 1500mah 50C lipo battery

Dimension:195mm x 230mm x 42mm (Propellers not included)
Diagonal Wheelbase: 250mm
Flight Controller: F3 flight Controller
Frame Material: Pure Carbon fiber
BNF weight:350g
Radio System: Radiolink AT9 with R6DSM receiver
Camera: ARRIS 1200tvl FPV Mini Camera
FPV TX: 5.8G 200mw 40CH
Antenna: 5.8G Antenna
Flying Time: 10min hovering
Battery: ARRIS 4S 1500mah 50C Lipo

ARRIS C250 V2 is made of pure carbon fiber material. With water transfer painting technology,it look so charming. The upper plate and side plate adopts 1.5mm pure carbon fiber material, decrease the weight of the whole frame. Meanwhile, the motor arm adopts 4mm carbon fiber material, ensure the strength of the frame. The total weight of the frame is about 137g.With the simplify one-piece design and lower gravity center design, all kinds of flight actions can be done with facility.The layout design of the C250 V2 is reasonable, the standard flight controller and PDB board can install there.On the frame, there is reserved space for the XT60 female battery connector.The motor arm has holes for 220x series motors, and both 5 inches and 6 inches propellers can install on the C250 V2 frame.

The main advantages of the 4in1 30A Tower:
1. With the double layer design, you just need to plug the pins between esc and flight controller, flight controller and other electronic components. The layout is more concise, decrease the weight of the drone, provided guarantee for flight performance improvements.
The power for flight controller and camera is provided by the BEC on the flight controller. The power for video transmitter is provided by battery. This improves the anti-interference of the video transmission.

2. The tower integrated the OSD, avoid to install it additionally and the adjustment.The drone could get a quick response to the throttle during the flight.

3. The Tower structure design protects the ESC well during the flight. According to our experience, some of the ESC were damaged by the propeller rotation or tree brunch cut, and some of the ESC were damaged due to the broken of the motor arm during the crash when it installed on top of the motor arm. Sometimes, in order to protect the ESC, we added ESC cover to protect it. From this, the weight of the drone increased. For this tower, the esc integrated in the tower which installed in the middle of the quad frame, the ESCs can be protected quite well and make it looks better.

With the high performance ARRIS X2205 2300KV brushless motor, the ARRIS C250 V2 has outstanding power.
Main Features:
1. Adopts the brand new M5 steel shaft, improving the structure strength.
2. Anti-slip pro design.
3. Upgrade to centrifugal fan design, optimizing the heat dissipation.
4. Adopts original Japan NSK bearing, improving the performance of the motor.
5. Adopts N52 tile-shaped magnets.
6. The motor passed more than 20 kinds of tests before leaving the factory, ensure the quality of the motor.

The ARRIS C250 V2 adopts with the latest 5045 propeller, it has bigger windward area, well balance and strengthen root, and the efficiency is 10% higher than normal propeller. This propeller is the first choice of FPV racing drones.

ARRIS Camera for FPV Racing Drones--ARRIS fpv mini camera is specially designed for FPV. This camera performs well in both bright and dark condition with 1200TVL high quality image. And the camera angle on the drone is adjustable.

ARRIS 5.8g 200mW 40-CH video TX and antenna pre-assembled.The ARRIS TS5823L with LED is transmitting a full range of 40 channels and only weighs 10g. It's perfect for a wide range of aircraft!With a goggle or monitor in hand, you can begin your FPV journey.

ARRIS X-Speed C250 V2 has integrated with a remote controller battery warning buzzer, pilot can set the threshold (adjustable) according to CF parameter-adjustment software. In addition, you can also locate your racing drone through triggering the buzzer with the switch D on the transmitter.

Self-level mode is the easiest to fly, because when you leave the stick at the center and not controlling it, your drone just level itself and stays there.This mode is good for beginners.
Manual mode is useful for acrobatics such as flips or rolls, or FPV when smooth and fast control is desired. The picture below is what we set on our own Radiolink AT9 Radio.

Radiolink AT9SS 10 Channel 2.4GHz Radio

Radiolink AT9SS 10 Channel radio is a newly released radio from Radiolink. It can support SBUS, PPM and PWM signal. The controllable range of the radio is about 900 meters ground and 1500 meters air. The radiolink AT9SS can be used to control the multirotors, helicopters,airplanes, fixed wing,RC car and RC boat. One of the main feature is the multilanguage menu: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Turkish, Russian, Korean and Chinese are available in the menu 


Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz to 2483.5MHz)
Modulation mode: QPSK
Channel bandwidth: 5.0 MHz and 250Kbps
Spread spectrum: DSSS&FHSS
Adjacent channel rejection: >38dbm
Transmitter power: less than 100mW (20dbm )
Operating current: 90mA@12V
Operating voltage: 7.4~18.0V
Control distance: More than 900 meters ground, 1500 meters air (the actual controldistance depends on the flying environment)
Channel: 10 channels,5-10 channels are customized
Compatible model: include all 120 degree and 90 degree swash-plate helicopter, all fix wings, glider and multi-rotor
Simulator model: under the simulator model the transmitter action turn off, change to power saving model
Screen: 2.8 inches 16 colorful screen, 240*320 pixels
Support receivers: R9DS(S-BUS&PWM), R10DS and R6DS
Size: AT9SS- 183 x 100 x 193mm, R9DS- 41 x 23 x 14mm
Weight: 0.88kg

High safety ARRIS 4S 1500mah Lipo Battery

ARRIS 4S 1500mAh 50C lipo battery is specially designed for FPV racer. The price of this battery is much higher than the similar batteries in the market, because we only sell top-quality batteries. As we all know, the low quality battery might have potential safety hazard, we will never tolerate such products.For ARRIS 4S 1500mah lipo battery, we have done UN38.3 test,1.2M Drop test,MDS report for it, for the test report, you can check here.

Package Include:

1 x ARRIS C250 V2 Racing Quad Frame
4 x ARRIS X2205 2300KV Brushless Motors
1 x Flycolor STower w/ F4 30A 4 in 1 ESC + F4 + OSD + PDB
4 x ARRIS 5045 3-blade Propeller
1 x ARRIS FPV Mini Camera
1 x 5.8G 200mw 32CH FPV TX
1 x FPV Transmitter Antenna
1 x Radiolink AT9S Transmitter with receiver
1 x ARRIS Buzzer
1 x ARRIS 4S 1500mah Lipo Battery

Note: Battery Charger is sold separately.

ARRIS C250 V2 Test Flight
ARRIS C250V2 Maiden Weekend Day2
ARRIS C250V2 Test

Product Reviews

5 Stars
Tough Quad
Got for sons birthday and loved it. Very tough race drone crashed hard alot and I'm still flying very happy with it no major issues.

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5 Stars
Dreaming racing quad
It's what I wanted in a racing QUAD. The ARRIS C250v2 is good looking, easy to fly, plenty power motor and esc. WIth the stock battery, i get about 9 minutes hovering. Just order the Aomway goggle from them, can not wait for FPV Flying...

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5 Stars
Great Quad
Great drone for the money. Compared with the old x-speed 250b, the c250 v2 is much lighter, and it is pure carbon, easy to maintain, i am quite satisfied with it.

Was this rating helpful to you?   👍 Yes    👎 No
3 Stars
nice drone, looks better in pics
Drone flies good and I really enjoy it, but just a heads up, the blue camo you see in the pics is actually just a bunch of stickers. The stickers on mine were not even and looked pretty awful. I took a pretty rough crash on Day 1and got dirt flipped up on an arm, I simply used water and a cloth to wipe it down and get the dirt off and realized I was taking the color off the sticker as well. I wouldn't recommend this drone if you are buying it cause of the camo color, otherwise peel the stickers off and show off that carbon fiber!

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5 Stars
best site yet
ordered this drone on sunday. I recieced it on Tuesday and flies great right out of the box. i finally have a great site to order from

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5 Stars
RTF right out of the box! All I did to get flying was put props on plug in the battery and BLAST OFF! Man this one is fast and a whole lot of fun!

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5 Stars
the greatest racing drone ever
i have the arris c250 and im in love with it it is a great drone and the customer service is the best i've gotten from a company i will definitely keep doing business with hobby-wing as much as possible thanks

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5 Stars
great drone
Great drone, very pleased.

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4 Stars
nice drone
The drone flies nicely well out of boxes. The quick start guide in the package is good for beginners. The battery is powerful, but the camera is not wide enough. The rest are perfect.

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5 Stars
Awsome starter kit
Awsome starter kit it takes a beating add well. One month in and I'm flyin through obstacles flipping rolling etc. Hobby-Wing has great customer service as well.

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5 Stars
good drone for beginners
After saw a couple videos on youtube, i boguht this drone. Right out of the box everything was great and working properly. Really easy to get started up for beginners. Shipping was quick and everything packed well. Highly recommend!

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5 Stars
good drone
Nice drone, good customer service.

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