ARRIS AX622 6 Axis 22L 22kg Payload Agricualtural Spraying Drone

ARRIS AX622 6 Axis 22L 22kg Payload Agricualtural Spraying Drone

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With the popularity of the agriculture drones, the demands for the payload is getting higher and higher. Therfore, the ARRIS 6 Axis 22L Drone comes out.

Product Name:ARRIS AX622 Agriculutre Drones
Unfolded Size: 1870mm x 1640mm x 700mm
Dignotal Wheelbase: 1745mm
BNF Weight: 18.25kg
Payload weight: 22L
Power source: Battery
Max takeoff weright: 46kg
Max flight speed: <15m/s
Flight height: >3m
Wind Resistance Rating: > Level 5
Nozzle: 6pcs
Flight time: 10 to 15 minutes
Flight time without payload: >20min
Flight time with 22L payload: about 5 minutes
Spray width: 6-8m
Spray flow:1.4-1.9L/min(adjustable)
Spraying Boom Length: 1820mm
Spraying aera (each flight): 1.7〜2.2hm
Operation temperature:10~50℃
(The above data comes from OKCELL 12S 22000mah lipo with DJI E7000 power combo. With different components, the data may not the same)

Main Features:
Waterproof design, easy to maintain.
The canopy adopts enclosed design, and the seal ring at the arm can prevent invasion of agricultural chemicals and dust.It is also possible to wash and clean the adhered pesticide and dirt, much convenient for daily maintenance
The tie rod installed on the landing skid not only loads other devices, but also improves stability. The battery is installed under the tank and it can fly stably. High strength carbon fiber elliptical arms are light weight, durable and can withstand use in harsh environments.The AX622 drone adopts high strength metal landing skid, decrease the weight of the drone.

High pressure nozzle, strong atomizing pressure, uniform spraying can be done without chemical spraying. Since the arm can be folded inward, it is easy to carry a size that can be loaded sufficiently even on a light truck carrier.

Frame Kit Included:
ARRIS AX622 6 Axis 22L Agriculture drone frame kit x 1
Spraying system x 1

Combo 1 Included:
ARRIS AX622 6 Axis 22L Agriculture drone frame x 1
Spraying system x 1
DJI E7000 Power Combo x 6 (3CW+3CCW)

Note: Flight controller, radio, receiver, battery and charger need to purchase separately.

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