5.8G Clover-Leaf Circular Polarized Antenna

5.8G Clover-Leaf Circular Polarized Antenna

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Features of 5.8G FPV Omnidirectional Cloverleaf Antenna:

Gain: 5dBi
Antenna connector: SMA plug (the connector on the antenna side is referred to, please disregard the label on the antenna if there is discrepancy)
Standing wave ratio(SWR): <1.5
Length: 8cm (TX)/10cm(RX)
Weight: 12.5g(TX)/14g(RX)

Package Includes:
RX x 1 (4 leafs)
TX x 1 (3 leafs)

Note: The antenna interface of TX and RX are different, both TX and RX have two typs, inner-pin and inner-hole, so please make sure to select the correct interface.